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3 Daily Cleaning Habits for a Healthy Bong

If you’re a frequent smoker, you know how quickly your bong or handheld pipe becomes filthy. I get it. It’s one of those things you don’t even realize is dirty until it’s past the point of easy cleaning, like a toilet. Yuck. Don’t make us compare your bong to a dirty toilet. Instead, implement a few daily cleaning habits, because cleaning your piece really shouldn’t be a once-in-a-while occurrence.


Just like a fresh pair of sneakers or a fancy watch, you have to maintain it to keep it functioning for as long as possible. Plus, you never have to face off with a super sticky and impossible-to-clean bong again if it’s kept decently resin-free. Implementing these few daily habits (or just one at a time!) will really help make a difference in your smoking experience, the frequency you have to deep clean your piece, and your overall health.


1. Dump that bong water.

A blue Ooze Glyco bong is being dumped out into a stainless steel sink.

The first (and easiest) daily habit is to dump out your bong water immediately after each smoke session, and then fill it up with fresh water before the next session.

Bong water doesn’t just smell bad because of the smoke—it’s full of bacteria and after it’s been sitting for a while, and even mold grows fast inside a used bong. Simply dump it daily and see how much better your lungs feel.


2. Give your bong a quick wipe-down with Res Wipes after each use.

A young white woman is cleaning out a blue Ooze Glyco flower bowl with an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your stoner hygiene, keep a pack of Res Wipes with your smoking accessories. When you’re ready to lay your bong down to rest at the end of the day, wipe around the mouthpiece and inside the bowl or banger. This should instantly get rid of any sticky residue before it hardens and gets glued onto the piece. Plus, your deep cleaning sessions will be so much quicker and easier with no scrubbing required. When you’re getting the stubborn resin off each day, there will be a lot less to scrub off after a few weeks of use.

A white woman is cleaning a gold and a chrome Ooze dab tool off with an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe

Because they’re gentle and safe to use on any material, you can use Res Wipes on all your tools. Keep your dab tools, brushes, lighters, grinders, rolling trays, and even your tabletops clean and resin-free by wiping them down with a Res Wipe.

A white woman is using an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe to clean any resin residue off her hands after cleaning a bong.

Pro tip: Res Wipes are even gentle enough to use on your hands! As we all know, resin and wax do not like to come off skin, even with soap. If your hands feel sticky or smell gross after wiping down your piece, give your hands a quick scrub and they’ll smell lemon-y fresh. Res Wipes cut through the grime quickly so there’s no need to scrub them raw or use harsh chemicals.


3. Deep clean your bong every 1-2 weeks.

For THE MOST bong hygiene, deep clean your bong regularly. If you’re taking the extra minute to rinse and wipe down your piece after each use, giving your bong a thorough clean with Res Gel every 2 weeks should suffice. Of course, it comes down to personal preference, how often you use it, and how diligent you are with daily cleaning practices. Res Gel cuts through thick resin, but if used on a mostly-clean piece, it will be sparkling like the day you brought it home in half the time.


It takes time to build a habit, so keep cleaning supplies with your accessories and pieces as a reminder. Your future self will thank you!