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How to Clean a Grinder in Just 60 Seconds

When it comes to “stoner hygiene,” we talk a lot about the importance of keeping a clean piece. But what about a clean grinder? It’s actually just as crucial to maintain your grinder, and not just so you avoid a sticky struggle when prepping to roll a joint. A grinder with buildup won’t function properly (to the point where you might not get a consistent burn) and in some cases could even cause bacteria to build up, contaminating your precious bud.


Knowing how to clean your herb grinder is important for the safety of your piece, the environment, and yourself. It sounds like a tricky task, what with all the curves and grooves of a grinder (ooh, la la), but we’re here to tell you that it only takes 60 seconds with Ooze Resolution Gel and is done in three simple steps. 


3 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Herb Grinder

Before we get into the nitty gritty, let’s quickly go over the reasons that keeping your grinder clean is so important to more than just your smoking experience.

 1. A healthy grinder is a healthy you!

Bacteria, mold, spores, and other allergens can form and grow from the plant matter left for too long. Mold in a grinder just like mold in a water pipe is no joke and can be extremely harmful to your long-term health. Remember, cannabis is a plant; it is alive. Imagine leaving spinach in your fridge for months... you wouldn't want to touch it, much less ingest it.

2. Grinding shouldn’t be an arm workout.

When an herb grinder is dirty, it will become difficult to turn large pieces of the herb into a small, fine grind. For the grinder to grind the marijuana down into the perfect consistency to smoke, it must be clean. Resin builds on the teeth of the grinder after the first use, so imagine how quickly kief will buildup after just a couple months. Nothing is more annoying than struggling to even turn your grinder before packing an after-work bowl!


3. Get a better burn.

A necessary tool for all who smoke dry herb, the grinder is one of the main factors in creating the perfect consistency of fresh flower to pack into any bowl, water pipe, or one hitter or to roll into any joint or blunt. Grinders produce a consistent grind, and a consistent grind is essential for the best smoke!


 4-step How to Clean Your Grinder with Ooze Resolution Infographic.

How to Clean Your Grinder

Step 1: Separate your grinder & save your kief! A 4-piece rainbow Green Monkey Grinder is shown with an arrow pointing to the bottom chamber.

Step 1: Separate Your Grinder & Save Your Kief!

If your grinder has a kief collector, start by setting that piece aside. Use the scraper that comes with the grinder and run it around the outside edges and screens of the other chambers to get every last piece of kief. Once you feel like you’ve salvaged the majority of the magic weed dust, dissemble your grinder if you haven’t already. Then, prep your Resolution gel bag. Here’s how:


Step 2: Shake the pouch of Ooze Resolution Res Gel cleaner

Step 2: Shake Resolution Bag (5 seconds)

Simply shake the bag of Resolution gel vigorously for 5 seconds—really shake it like you mean it. This will activate the cleaning components in the bag so it effectively removes all the garbage from your grinder.


Step 3: Place all 4 pieces of the grinder inside the activated pouch of Ooze Resolution Res Gel

Step 3: Place Grinder Pieces into Resolution Pouch (35 Seconds)

Place all the dissembled grinder pieces into the Resolution pouch and seal it back up. You can shake the bag a little if you like, but let the grinder soak for about 30 seconds. The gel will begin to break down the buildup on your grinder and make it good as new!


Step 4: Remove the grinder pieces from the Res Gel pouch and rinse with warm water. The 4 pieces are shown sparkling and all clean.

Step 4: Rinse off Grinder and Dry (20 Seconds)

Open the Resolution bag, remove all the grinder pieces and rinse off with warm water. I like to turn the water stream on high so it blasts off any remaining particles. To dry, press a paper towel to it and let it air dry for a while. Don’t use it again until you’re sure it’s completely dry!


The best part about it Ooze Resolution is that you can get dozens of grinder cleans from just this one pouch because it is reusable! So if you add up how much alcohol, salt, zip lock bags, and time you would have used otherwise, Resolution gel really is the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way to clean your grinder! Plus, you’re not using anything toxic that could be detrimental to your lung health. Get the most out of your bud and clean your grinder (and bong, for that matter!) with Ooze Resolution cleaning gel. Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!