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How to Clean a Grinder in Just 60 Seconds

Knowing how to clean a grinder, with ease, is vital for avid weed smokers.

Getting your weed ground to the perfect consistency is vital for a good smoking sesh. A grinder's life mission is to get the flower to smoke with a consistent and even burn, which gives you the most out of your marijuana.

Knowing how to clean a herb grinder is crucial to keep your grinder functioning to it's full potential.

But if you find yourself frustrated when it comes time to do the dreaded grinder cleaning day, we hear you!

There are endless articles that tell you to grab regular household items such as alcohol and salt, but we are here to tell you that this is a big hazard to you, your grinder, and your environment.

These unsafe methods can take over 20 minutes and doesn't even get the job done when it comes to cleaning your grinder. No need to worry, we are going to give you the best way to clean a grinder in just 60 seconds and is perfectly safe for you, your grinder, and the environment!

Oh, and did we mention in just 3 steps! So let's get down to business and clean your grinder in just 60 seconds with Resolution Gel.

How to clean a grinder


3 Reasons You Need to Clean Your Herb Grinder

If you can't wait and just want to get to the nitty gritty skip down below to the steps on how to clean a weed grinder at the end of the blog, but like all things we endeavor, it's nice to know why you are doing it, right?

When it comes to cleaning your weed grinder there are very important reasons why you should. We also included some pro-tips so you know what to avoid in the future when cleaning your herb grinder - trust me you are going to want to know this.

Lets go over the 3 reasons you should clean your herb grinder:

1. A Clean Grinder is a Clean Lung

The health of our lungs for 2021 during this pandemic is the main point of focus for all of us. The cleanliness of your grinder plays a role in your health.

Bacteria, mold, spores, and other allergens can form and grow from the plant matter left for too long. Mold in water pipe and mold in grinder is no joke, learn more on the dangers of mold. Remember, cannabis is a plant; it is alive. Imagine leaving spinach in your fridge for months... you wouldn't want to touch it much less ingest it. 

Pro-Tip: Also cleaning with alcohol is a big no-no. Alcohol is high in VOC which is harmful for your environment and your lungs. High VOC found in Isopropyl alcohol is even illegal in some states to pour down your sink.

2. Grinder Functionality

When a cannabis grinder is dirty, it will become difficult to turn large pieces of the herb into a small, fine grind. For the grinder to grind the marijuana down into the perfect consistency to smoke, it must be clean. Resin builds on the teeth of the grinder after the first use. Nothing is more annoying than going to pack a bowl and having to deal with a grinder that is sticking and won't twist or producing chunky pieces of marijuana.

Pro-Tip:Using coarse salt such as the method of cleaning with alcohol and salt is also no good for your grinder. Coarse salt such as sea salt may help clean the grinder but in the long term it damages the integrity of the grinder teeth and over time reduces it's chances of working properly. Don't worry, we are going to show you how to clean a grinder with no salt and no damage to your grinder,

3. Smooth Cannabis Smoke

A necessary tool for all who smoke dry herb, the grinder is one of the main factors in creating the perfect consistency of fresh flower to pack into any bowl, water pipe, or one hitter or to roll into any joint or blunt. Grinders produce a consistent grind, and a consistent grind is essential for the best smoke!


Best Way to Clean a Grinder Fast and Easy

The most popular way the past decade in cleaning a marijuana grinder has always been Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt. The main issue with Alcohol is that it contains harmful fumes that could jeopardize the integrity of your immune system, lungs, and the environment when you discard it.

Furthermore, Alcohol based cleaners coupled with coarse salt tend to be abrasive and can cause damage to your equipment.

Herb Grinder Cleaner

But after much R & D, Resolution Colo created the perfect formula to get all the crap seen and unseen out of your grinder without having to use Alcohol or salt.

This amazing grinder cleaner is also reusable so you can get months and months of cleans from the same pouch. This affordable solution works for all metal and glass grinders and also can get the job done in 60 seconds! Oh, and did we mention Resolution gel has 97% less VOC than isopropyl alcohol?

Pro-Tip: Did you know, in California, disposing of Isopropyl Alcohol down the drain is illegal? This is how toxic and damaging Alcohol can be to you and our Earth. Furthermore, Alcohol gives the illusion it is cleaning, but what it is actually doing is hardening the resin to the point it breaks off and falls in your sink. What you have left is a smelly sink with tar built up on the drain pipe walls. And we don't have much advice about cleaning your pipes!


Tools and Preparation for Cleaning a Herb Grinder

tools to clean a grinder


Cleaning a grinder with Resolution Gel is simple, fast, safe, and easy!

All you need to clean your grinder in just 60 seconds is:

  1. Resolution Gel
  2. Dirty Dirty Grinder
  3. Paper Towel

Make sure to prepare your grinder for cleaning. This mean disassembling and removing what left over flower you can. Store this to the side if it's still usable.

Pro-tip: If you have any kief we suggest you scroll to the bottom to our bonus section on how to clean a grinder and save kief. Once you have everything ready then you are good to go on cleaning your grinder!


How to Clean a Grinder in 60 Seconds

With everything prepared you can clean your grinder in just 60 seconds! Resolution gel cleans in 30 seconds and we factor in time to do a few jumping jacks and then pull out your grinder chamber pieces to rinse and dry off.

Trust me, we have timed this over and over and have even beat the 60 second mark. No matter what, it's a win over the grueling 20 minute salt and alcohol method, yet it works so much better.

How to clean a herb grinder

So let's get to it! Here is how to clean a grinder:


Step 1: Shake Resolution Bag (5 seconds)

How to clean a marijuana grinder

This step is pretty simple. Shake it like you mean it. Take your Resolution cleaner and simply shake for 5 seconds. This will activate the cleaning components in the bag so it effectively removes all the garbage from your grinder.

Step 2: Place Grinder Pieces into Resolution Pouch (35 Seconds)

How to clean a cannabis grinder

Take your disassembled grinder pieces and just place them into the Resolution pouch and seal it back up. You can shake the bag a little if you like but let the grinder stay in for about 30 seconds. The gel will begin cracking down on any unwanted particles from your grinder and restore it to it's original state.

Step 3: Rinse off Grinder and Dry (20 Seconds)

How to clean a weed grinder

Open the Resolution bag and remove the grinder pieces and rinse off with warm water. I like to turn the water stream high so it jets off any particles left-over. After this you want to just get a paper towel and dry off the grinder or you can just let it air dry - up to you.

I know: where has Resolution been all your life?

The best part about it is you can get dozens of grinder cleans from just this one pouch. So if you add up how much alcohol, salt, zip lock bags, and time you would have used otherwise, Resolution gel really is the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient way to clean your grinder!

As promised, we left a bonus section in on how to clean a grinder and save kief for all you keif nuts!


How to Clean a Grinder and Save Kief

Definitely don't waste the kief! The marijuana kief is very potent and you can do so much with it like making moon rocks or just smoking it directly for a power high.

If you choose a multi-piece grinder, simply twist the bottom chamber off and set it aside. You can save that piece and get that part of the grinder clean once you've smoked all the kief!

But for those that want to set the kief aside and get all the kief out of the grinder and grinder screen so you can do a full clean on your grinder follow these simple steps below on how tto clean a grinder and save kief:

1. Disassemble your Grinder and Set Kief Aside

Whether you own a three or two chamber grinder, take apart all the pieces and lay them out.

The bottom chamber is the area in which all the kief is stored and collected. Put this bottom chamber on the side.

2. Use Scraping tool to Remove Kief from Grinder

Using a scraping tool (this is generally included when purchasing your grinder), proceed to scrape and grab all the remaining kief from the other chambers and place them into a small bowl. It is advised to scrape in a circular motion as to up and down or side to side.

Pro-tip:It is also important not to scrape roughly, for this will cause the kief along with other cannabis particles to be thrown into the air.

3. Use Detail Tool to Remove Remaining Kief

So what about all the remaining kief that is stuck in the grinder screen? We found it best to clean a grinder screen is to use a very thin need to poke through the holes of the screen. You won't get much but it's better than nothing!

Pro-tip: Remember to poke very carefully as you do not want to damage the screen and render it useless in catching the kief in the future.

Once you are all done with the 3 steps above the bottom chamber that collects the cannabis kief is ready to be cleaned with the rest of the grinder! Just follow the steps above on how to clean your marijuana grinder in just 60 seconds.


We've established that there are many ways to clean your grinder. With COVID19 still in full force, the integrity of your immune system is of utmost importance. Isopropyl Alcohol is ineffective to clean your grinder and comes with harmful risks that could potentially jeopardize our health pollute our planet.

Resolution Gel is by far the best herb grinder cleaner that works fast and efficiently. Not to mention over a year you will save money and time compared to cleaning with the harmful alcohol and salt method. Make sure to post your pictures along with the hundreds of photos on our website of your clean grinder!