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How to Clean a Grinder

Knowing how to clean a grinder, with ease, is vital for avid weed smokers.


If you've dealt with cleaning a neglected herb grinder, then you know, the longer it goes without proper cleaning, the more of a headache it will be to get it as good as new. Taking care of a grinder is essential for a smooth, functioning smoking device. This article will show you how to clean your beloved grinder without the headache of salts, bags, and Alcohol.


If you find yourself frustrated when it comes time to do the dreaded grinder cleaning day, we hear you! Continue reading to become an expert on how to clean a grinder in the most efficient and effective way possible.


What is a Grinder and Why Do I Need to Clean it?


A necessary tool for all who smoke dry herb, the grinder is one of the main factors in creating the perfect consistency of fresh flower to pack into any bowl, bong, or one hitter or to roll into any joint or blunt. Grinders produce a consistent grind, and a consistent grind is essential for the best smoke!


The grinder does just what the name implies, grinds dry herbs into finely sliced marijuana. Doing this makes the process of packing a bowl super simple. There's no need for you to sit there and break down weed with your fingers when you have access to a properly functioning grinder.


Put simply; a clean grinder is a functioning grinder. When a grinder is dirty, it will become difficult to turn large pieces of the herb into a small, fine grind. For the grinder to grind the marijuana down into the perfect consistency to smoke, it must be clean. Resin builds on the teeth of the grinder after the first use. Nothing is more annoying than going to pack a bowl and having to deal with a grinder that is sticking and won't twist.


The health of our lungs during this pandemic is the main point of focus for all of us. The cleanliness of your grinder plays a role in your health...


Bacteria, mold, spores, and other allergens can form and grow from the plant matter left for too long. Remember, cannabis is a plant; it is alive. Imagine leaving spinach in your fridge for months... you wouldn't want to touch it much less ingest it. 


Take care of your smoking tools accordingly.


The most common grinder are multi-piece metal grinders. It has multiple chambers stacked on top of one another. Each chamber serves its purpose. The top chamber has a row of metal teeth on the inside of the lid and at the base of that chamber. These teeth work in tandem and grind the flower which, once ground enough, fall through holes into another chamber that catches the weed, this is where you grab your cannabis and load up! If you are using a metal grinder, our method will get your grinder pieces like brand new!


The chamber at the bottom of the grinder catches the kief, or pollen, through a grinder screen, or metal net. The grinder must be clean for the kief catcher to work to its full potential. If you love kief, this should be incentive enough to keep a clean grinder.

Best Way to Clean a Grinder


There are numerous ways to clean your grinder, but most methods include Isopropyl Alcohol. Many have discovered the effectiveness of Isopropyl Alcohol when using it to clean, but is it actually cleaning your smoking tools? The main issue with Alcohol is that it contains harmful fumes that could jeopardize the integrity of your immune system. 


Furthermore, Alcohol based cleaners tend to be abrasive and can cause damage to your equipment and health over time.


If you are not comfortable using Alcohol, we are with you! After much R & D, Resolution Colo created the perfect formula to get all the gunk out of your grinder without having to use Alcohol. Resolution is useful in cleaning any metal or glass and is reusable! It can be reused on an average of 5-10 times, depending on how dirty the piece is.


why do people love resolution gel to clean a grinder


People love Resolution Gel for many reasons. The fact that it contains approximately 97% less VOCs than Isopropyl Alcohol and similar chemicals is a significant factor. Alcohol contains 100% VOCs. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs are pollutants that are a significant threat to the environment.


Did you know, in California, disposing of Isopropyl Alcohol down the drain is illegal? This is how toxic and damaging Alcohol can be to you and our Earth. Furthermore, Alcohol gives the illusion it is cleaning, but what it is actually doing is hardening the resin to the point it breaks off and falls in your sink... What you have left is a smelly sink with tar built up on the drain pipe walls. And we don't have much advice about cleaning your pipes!


Keep in mind Resolution Gel was created for metals and glass but is not made to be used on plastic or acrylic grinders.


using isopropyl alcohol to clean a grinder

Tools for Cleaning a Grinder


Now that you have a better understanding of the harmful damage Isopropyl Alcohol can cause, we have a list of all the items that may help clean your grinder without the harmful properties that Isopropyl Alcohol and salt can produce to yourself and your grinder.


If this is the case for you, here are all the tools you'll need for the cleaning process:

· Dirty grinder 

· Resolution Gel- Resolution Gel Kit comes with everything else you need!


Additional Items (Optional):

· Toothbrush - A toothbrush helps to "dust" any stubborn particles. Resolution includes a cleaning brush with purchase of Resolution Gel.

· Toothpick - For fine detailing and for kief when you clean your grinder.

· Small bowl - To put any kief to the side

· Q-Tip - A gentle way to help support extra fine detail cleaning with warm water


How to Clean an Herb Grinder: Step-by-Step


how to clean a grinder


Cleaning your grinder doesn't take much time and is relatively easy!

Before you begin, get all your tools listed above out and on a flat surface, like a kitchen counter.


Step 1: The simplest grinders consist of only 2 chambers with toothed halves, whichever grinder you use, it's no worries! Take your grinder apart now.

Step 2: Take a toothbrush and begin to brush each piece. Loosen up all debris and build up. If you have a multi-piece grinder with a screen for catching kief, be gentle to not warp the screen. 

Step 3: Shake Resolution Gel bag to activate. Open the resealable top and slowly drop in each piece of the grinder. You can do one chamber at a time if you want to be very diligent. Resolution Gel is reusable, so you can get multiple uses out of it before it's time to throw out. This comes in handy with a grinder!

Step 4: Grab your handy rolling tray, and lay all of your clean pieces out, bring it all to the sink to rinse with warm water.

Step 5: Dry each grinder piece with a rag or feel free to use q-tips, toothpicks, and a toothbrush to get in each nook and cranny. Lay it all out flat to dry on a clean paper towel.

Pour the Resolution Gel back into the bag for future use!


How to Clean a Grinder and Save Kief


If you choose a multi-piece grinder, simply twist the bottom chamber off and set it aside. You can save that piece and get that part of the grinder clean once you've smoked all the kief!


When it comes time to enjoy that plant matter collected at the bottom of the grinder, and you're ready to deep clean it, simply follow the same steps to a clean grinder. The pollen that is left in the bottom piece of metal grinder can be quite valuable, so be meticulous with this chamber! 


Follow these steps to save pollen while cleaning your grinder.

1. Whether you own a three or two chamber grinder, take apart all the pieces and lay them out.

2. The bottom chamber is the area in which all the kief is stored and collected. Put this bottom chamber on the side.

3. Using a scraping tool (this is generally included when purchasing your grinder), proceed to scrape and grab all the remaining kief from the other chambers. It is advised to scrape in a circular motion as to up and down or side to side. (It is also important not to scrape roughly, for this will cause the kief along with other cannabis particles to be thrown into the air.) 

4. When finished and all the remaining kief is scraped into the bottom chamber, you have now successfully collected and saved all your delicious cannabis crystals, and it is time to soak and clean the remaining parts of the grinder. (Everything but the bottom chamber will be soaked and cleaned.) 

5. Follow and repeat the same steps above for "How to Clean the an Herb Grinder."


Now that you know how to best save your kief while keeping your grinder sparking clean, If you're still wondering how to get kief out of your grinder correctly, keep reading and scroll down for a more in depth step by step process. 

How to Get Kief Out of Grinder


Typically, a multi-piece metal grinder comes with a little key to scrape the pollen out of the chamber. If you're the type that wants to clean everything all at once, you can use the key to scrape all the kief out and transfer it to a small container.


The metal screen that allows for the kief to fall through can be a little tricky to collect the pollen.


If you find you're having trouble with the metal screen, get a small pin sized needle and carefully poke through the little holes. You'll most likely be able to get a few more crystals from your grinder this way. Follow the steps below to ensure you collect as much as possible!


1. Take apart your grinder and carefully set aside all the pieces. Leave the bottom chamber (where all the kief is held) alone for now. 

2. Start by taking the middle piece of the grinder and using a small pin needle, proceed to carefully and precisely poke through the holes of the screen. 

3. Once done, using a scraper, follow the same steps above on "How to Clean a Grinder and Save Kief" to scrape the remainder of the kief from all the pieces into the bottom chamber where the rest of the crystals are. 

4. You have now successfully scraped and saved all the kief into your bottom chamber, where you can continue to store and save it for later. 

How to Clean a Grinder Screen


Let's say you have enjoyed all the pollen left for you, and you're ready to get that chamber clean...


The way to clean a grinder screen while saving the kief should be done diligently. Like previously mentioned, the screen can be a little tricky, so just spend time on the metal screen and be gentle with it. Once you feel you have gotten all the kief out and secured, it is time to follow the steps below on how to clean grinder.

· Take apart the grinder and only focus on the middle portion (also known as the screen). 


· Using the same steps on "How to Get Kief Out of a Grinder" take a small pin or needle and poke through the holes of the screen to ensure all the kief falls out into your kief catcher. 


· Be sure to be VERY cautious when poking through the holes of your screen, for you can potentially rip, tear, or even damage the screen. 


· Once you have managed to get all the kief out of the screen, you may still be left with weed residue on the corners and sides of the screen where the holes aren't present. Using a scraping tool, slowly and carefully scrape the sides and corners to collect the remaining crystals. 


· Place all the scraped product into the bottom chamber of your grinder to store the kief you have just collected. 





We've established that there are many ways to clean your grinder. With COVID19 still in full force, the integrity of your immune system is of utmost importance. Isopropyl Alcohol is ineffective to clean your grinder and comes with harmful risks that could potentially jeopardize our health pollute our planet.


So, stay safe, stay high, and trust Resolution Colo to clean your grinder and other smoking tools, too!