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How to Clean a Quartz Banger

Quartz banger nails are a fan-favorite among dab connoisseurs, but many are lost when it comes to keeping them clean. A clean quartz banger heated to the perfect temperature gives off an amazing flavor. But when your nail is dirty, it won’t matter how great your wax is. That cloudy dark soot will instantly ruin your sesh and your banger over time. If your banger looks like the one pictured below, its more than overdue for a clean!

Dirty Quartz banger with residue buildup in front of beige wall

As wax is heated, small dab marks can stick to the banger’s surface and accumulate with each session This produces a gunky coating that will affect the flavors of the smoke. If you want a full-flavored dab, then you’ll need to keep your banger squeaky clean.  

The traditional cleaning methods of isopropyl and salt aren’t effective at removing hard-caked gunk and resin. When you factor in the flammability of isopropyl, it is far from being the safest option. Isopropyl is also a VOC (volatile organic compound), which emits harmful gas.

With Ooze Resolution Gel Cleaner, you have a much easier, safer alternative.  

How to Clean Your Quartz Banger with Ooze Resolution

If you are wondering how to clean a banger, here is our fool-proof step by step instructions to make it sparkle.

  1. Shake your Ooze Resolution Gel pouch, tear off the top, and open it up.
  2. Drop the banger or dab nail inside your resealable pouch. Seal it back up to avoid spills and let sit for 15-30 minutes.  
  3. After the time is up, remove the banger from the pouch while being careful not to spill any excess gel in the process. 
  4. Rinse the banger off in warm water and you're done! 

Cleaning glass piece with Ooze Resolution in 3 simple steps

And that’s how you can clean your banger without any scrubbing or using dangerous VOCs. We also highly recommend cleaning your banger with a cotton swab after each session to reduce residue build up. This will also make it a lot easier to clean! 

Why Your Quartz Banger Should Always be Clean  

One of the main perks of using a banger is the purity in flavor you get when you inhale the vapor. When your banger is coasted in residue, that flavor is drastically altered. Not only is the flavor ruined, you’ll also be inhaling fumes of charred resin which will wreak havoc on your lungs.

Dirty Quartz Banger close up to middle area

Like any other glassware, quartz bangers will get dirty if they’re not maintained so they must be cleaned regularly. Also, it's crucial to make sure you don’t heat your nail to the point where it’s red hot. When you do this, the old residue can cook into the quartz which is a process called devitrification. This can degrade the quartz and shorten its longevity. 

If you care about maintaining your banger and your health, Ooze Resolution is just what you need to keep your quartz clean! Watch this video to see how it works.