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How To Make Your Bong Smell Proof For Travel

Most stoners are wary of taking their bong on the go and with good reason. Bongs are delicate, hard to pack, and have a pungent odor. Plus, no one wants their entire bag smelling like dirty bong water. That’s why we created Resolution Caps! Our Resolution Bong Caps are designed to cover every opening on your glass piece so you can clean it without a big mess and travel odor-free. In this blog, we will show you how to use Ooze Resolution Caps and how to make your bong smell-proof!

What is a Bong Cap? 

Bong caps are durable protective covers that fit onto the open ends of your bong. If you’ve been cleaning and carrying your bong without caps, it’s time to change your ways for the better! Resolution Caps are made of heat-resistant food-grade silicone, a perfect material for protecting your bong and locking in odors. Our bong end caps create a tight seal around the openings of your bong to protect your piece while preventing smells and water from leaking out. Plus, every box of Res Caps comes with three assorted sizes that can stretch to fit just about any piece out there!

Ooze Resolution Caps in front of graffiti wall

How to Use Res Caps for Bongs   

Using bong end caps is a simple and effective way to keep your bong safe during the cleaning process. When your bong starts to look like something out of a horror movie, a vigorous deep clean is just what the doctor ordered. This could mean a huge mess without resolution bong caps, but with them, it will be a hassle-free cleaning job. Simply fill up your piece with Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel, seal openings with your Resolution Caps, and shake it up!

green bong with res caps getting placed and then shake it up 

How to Make your Bong Smell Proof for Travel   

Bongs are notorious for smelling a bit skunky after getting tons of love and use. If you’ve never brought your bong on the go just to avoid having dirty bong water become your signature scent, we have just the solution. All you must do is pack up & cap up before you embark on your adventure! Although we suggest cleaning your glass piece with Ooze Resolution before packing it in your bag, you will still trap in odors with Res Caps regardless!

Glass bong with green res caps in hand of girl wearing shorts hiking up a mountain

Now you are ready to clean your bong with ease and pack it safely to take it with you on your next adventure. We highly suggest bong hits with a view! 

Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!