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Keep Your Water Pipe Clean For The 4th Of July

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is right around the corner, and with it comes water-pipe-focused get-togethers with some of your good friends. 

One of the worst things you can have is a dirty water pipe. Not only is it visually disgusting, it totally ruins the festivities. Taking a hit from a dirty water pipe will likely make you and your guests feel… gross and terrible. 

So, before you enjoy the fireworks, we wholeheartedly recommend that you clean your water pipe. In today’s post, we’re going to list a few reasons why you should clean your water pipe this 4th of July. 

Bacteria and parasites love dirty water. Do you see a dark, nasty resin within your glass? That resin is teeming with ambitious bacteria and parasites, and they’re in your water pipe due to the collection of dirty water. Scientists have observed that bacteria becomes active merely 22-24 hours after sitting in stagnant water. These microbes multiply rapidly, and the biofilm within the water pipe hardens with each puff. 

Yeast, bacteria, and pathogens use your water pipe as a playground. And when you inhale from your water pipe, those nasty microbes enter your respiratory tract— straight into your lungs. When this happens, you are at a high risk for infection and disease. It’s not uncommon to get pneumonia, strep throat, emphysema cholera, and even malaria. Does it really make sense to have a dirty water pipe and potentially contract a debilitating disease? Take the time to fully clean your water pipe. 

A dirty water pipe gives off a horrific taste. Nasty, clogged bowls taste terrible, keeping you from fully enjoying your water pipe session. And during July 4th, you don’t want your friends choking on disgusting, stinky smoke. It’ll leave a bad impression, and it’ll guarantee you won’t enjoy the substances within your water pipe. Clean water pipes simply give off a better taste. You should want you and your friends to enjoy your water pipe hits, not cringe in horror due to the nauseating taste and smell of a dirty water pipe. 

Clean water pipes offer smooth hits. A dirty water pipe will clog the airflow, which is something you obviously don’t want when you smoke. One of the main draws of using a water pipe (as opposed to a joint) is that the smoke is cooled and filtered before you take the hit. This reduces the irritation in your throat, creating what many people find to be a much more enjoyable smoking experience. Having a dirty water pipe defeats this whole purpose. 

Clean Your Water Pipe to Really Enjoy July 4th 

The flagship holiday of the summer season is meant for good vibes and fun times. Get-togethers with your friends require a good smoking session, and when your water pipe is clean, you’ll be able to rip smooth and clean.  

A gross, unkempt water pipe is a huge no-no when you smoke. We’ve all have been lazy with our water pipe at some point, but with our water pipe cleaning kit, there is no excuse to have a dirty water pipe. Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action.

Cleaning your water pipe with our products is as simple as pouring the gel, placing the cap over the openings, shaking the water pipe, and giving it a rinse. 

Don’t be the lame friend with a dirty water pipe— keep it clean, and enjoy the 4th of July the way you’re supposed to.