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The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Glass Lifestyle

Resolution Gel

Are you one of those people who use your bong without cleaning it after? Do you share your bong with friends without cleaning it between uses?

Today, we’re here to tell you that the dirty bong lifestyle is not the way to go through life.

We know what you’re thinking: cleaning bongs can be a burden. They’re typically not easy to clean. You may just want to get a quick hit without going through the cleaning process.


Why You Should Clean Your Bong

Dirty bongs are unhealthy. Dingy, dirty bongs collect wanted debris that can degrade into bacteria and fungus. Bacteria and water are a match made in hell, and mold can easily sprout within the bong if there’s stagnant water.  Inhaling mold can wreak havoc on your lungs, and the taste itself is rancid enough to make one vomit. Dirty bongs can cause respiratory conditions like bronchitis, which can take weeks to months to get rid. Using a dirty bong consistently is just unhealthy.

Clean bongs mean fresh smoke.Look, you’ve spent good money to have a quality session, and you want the cleanest hit you can get. When the bong is clean, you’ll have no residue from the previous sessions, and the smoke will be clear. Clean smoke tastes better, and it’ll allow you to enjoy the flavor as you rip.

Hit smoothly. Who wants to rip only to get into a coughing fit immediately after? That’s no fun. When your bong is fully clean, the hit is smooth, as the peculators are free of debris. This makes hitting your bong a far more enjoyable experience, don’t you agree?

Enjoy the hit. The resin from your previous session interrupts the flow of smoke to your lungs. But when your bong is squeaky clean, there is no such interruption. You’ll be excited to go home, rip up, and enjoy your session as you’re supposed to. Wouldn’t you prefer to rip fresh rather than hit whatever residue is in your pipes from 5 days earlier?

You’ll waste little. By now you surely get the point that hitting a dirty bong completely ruins the experience. By cleaning your bong, you won’t be wasting much of anything, just as nature intended. When you use a dirty bong, a high amount of smoke will be leaking through the bowl instead of pulling through bong (where’s it’s supposed to pull). This occurs because the bong is clogged with nasty resin.

Cleaning a bong before and after

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong?

At this point you’re wondering “how often does the ‘clean bong lifestyle’ demand I clean my bong?” The answer is simple:clean it after each use.


We understand that cleaning your bong can typically be a chore. The last thing you want to do before you rip is spend time scrubbing inefficiently. This is why Resolution exists.


We knew we had to create solutions that make cleaning your bong a breeze. Our natural products are free of harsh chemicals like isopropyl, making it perfectly safe to use. Simply pour the gel, cap the pipe, shake, and rinse, and your bong will as good as new.

If you ask us, the clean bong lifestyle is the only option. Don’t make cleaning hard than it needs to be.Check out our bong cleaning products, and start living the clean bong lifestyle.