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Is The Average Public Toilet Cleaner Than Your Water Pipe?

Here’s a nasty, surprising fact that you’re not ready to stomach: The average public toilet seat is cleaner than your dirty water pipe. 

Your dirty water pipe holds 49% more bacteria than the average public toilet seat, in fact. To make matters worse, that’s not the only thing your water pipe is dirtier than. 

The average pipe has 1304% more bacteria than an average dog food bowl, and 90% more bacteria than inside the average dumpster.

If these facts don’t make your stomach churn, we don’t know what will. But if you’re a normal human that now understands how revolting it is to use a dirty water pipe, you will now want to do something about it. 

We got some tips for ya. These tips will help you avoid having a bacteria party in your mouth. 

1. Clean your water pipe correctly 

We recommend cleaning your water pipe after every time you use it. And when you clean it, do it thoroughly. We’ll toot our own horn here and say that our cleaning kits are the most convenient way for you to clean. Simply pour *just enough* gel inside the glass so it’s evenly coated. Give it a good shake to reach all of the surfaces inside. Finally, rinse the glass with warm water. And there you have it— your glass will be as clean as when you first bought it. 

This is a superior way to clean your glass than the traditional method of using alcohol and salt. Not to mention what havoc VOC's can wreak on your health with repeated use.

We make it so easy to clean your water pipe these days that if your water pipe is dirtier than a toilet bowl, it’s totally your fault. 

2. Use a mouthpiece (if sharing between friends)

Sharing your water pipe among friends can be considered a social responsibility. It’s also a health hazard if your friends’ mouths are a bacteria breeding ground. Using a mouthpiece on your glass has been shown to lower bacteria up to 5,924%. If you’re using your friend’s water pipe, there’s no telling how well they maintain their glass, so it’s a necessity to bring your own mouthpiece. If others are using your water pipe, have some spare mouthpieces for them to use, too. 

Germs are nasty… 

So don’t let them sit in your glass. Some people may see no problem with their water pipe being nastier than a Burger King toilet bowl at 2AM, but if you care about your health, let’s do something to avoid this hazard. To recap:

  1. Clean your water pipe consistently and thoroughly. If you use Resolution’s cleaning products, cleaning your glass is hardly an inconvenience. 
  2. Use a mouthpiece during smoke sessions with friends. Bacteria is sneaky, and you just don’t know what germs your friends have. Play it safe and use some protection when ripping that water pipe. 

Your dirty pipe holds more bacteria than you can ever imagine. Follow these tips, keep your glass clean, and rip with total peace of mind. Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!