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Take Res Wipes on Your Next Trip!

With summer on the horizon and fun trips to be had, we figured we’d refresh some tips of traveling with cannabis. Especially if you’re planning on smoking around a rental, it’s a good idea to have as many cleaning supplies around as possible. Our favorite travel companion (besides Mary Jane herself) are the Resolution Wipes.

A pack of Ooze Resolution Res Wipes is in a black and brown leather travel bag with a few notebooks, a pack of markers, a hair clip, and a toiletry bag.

These handy resin wipes clean more than just your bowl. Sure, they’re great for wiping down a bong after a smoke session, but they can actually clean up small (but sticky) messes anywhere.


When you’re traveling and you have your smoking supplies in the same bag as other things, sometimes the resin can transfer to other items. Res wipes will take that right off water bottles, shoes, and even clothing. This way, you can pack your smoking accessories right along with other gear and trust that you’ll be able to keep everything resin-free. Of course, Res wipes are also great for rolling trays, grinder threading and all your other smoking essentials. 


If you’re lucky enough to have a major spill, drip or sticky mess, you’ll be glad you had Res wipes on hand. They’re quick to grab even in emergencies—the lid flips up for easy, one-handed access. Resin cools and hardens quickly, so the sooner you can address the mess, the better!


A white woman's hand with light pink nails cleans a gray wood table off with a Res Wipe. There is a 100ct pack of wipes next to her hand.

If you’re staying at a friend’s vacant place order or an Airbnb, you’ll want to rid the place of any evidence of marihuana. Wipe off all surfaces with the Res wipes, even if they don’t look dirty or sticky at first glance. If there’s invisible sticky resin on a tabletop and you don’t see it, a regular Clorox wipe will simply not suffice. In fact, that discreet sticky area will quickly collect dust, dirt and lint, making it obvious very quickly. Using a wipe designed specifically for resin removal before leaving the rental will give you complete peace of mind.


These are also great for taking camping with you. Although they won’t sanitize a surface (they’ll clean it, just not sanitize it!), they can certainly improve the situation and get rid of dirt, dust, dog hair, or anything else on your eating or rolling surfaces.


A woman wearing a white sweater is holding a 100ct pack of Ooze Resolution Wipes. The lid of the flexible packaging is open to show the top wipe.

Res wipes come in 100 count packages, so you can rest assured you’ll be set for the entire trip. You’ll even have some left when you get home, which hopefully will help reinforce the habit of wiping down your piece regularly. Stoner hygiene rocks! Toss these babies in your bag in preparation for your next trip, keep a pack in the car, or stow some away with each tent or sleeping bag so you never forget to bring them along.