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What's The Best Way to Clean a Bong?

Bongs can get incredibly nasty within a few uses, and the buildup of tar and resin can be difficult to remove. The traditional cleaning methods call for the use of rubbing alcohol and salt, but that’s no longer the best way to clean your bong.

At Resolution, we offer a much safer and better way to clean your bong. Let’s look at how it’s done in a few easy steps.

How to Clean Your Bong  

Step 1: Empty and disassemble bong

Empty the contents of the bong in the nearest toilet or sink. Remove the bowl and slide.

Step 2: Pour in the Resolution Gel

Our Resolution Gel is a powerful cleaning solution designed to aggressively remove the buildup of resin and tar from your bong. Be sure to pour the gel inside the bowl and slides if those pieces are dirty. At this point, place Resolution Caps over the bong’s openings. This seals the bong.

Step 3: Shake the bong to cover all surfaces

To get a thorough cleaning, you need to shake the bong for the solution to reach all he areas of the bong. Be sure to flip the bong and shake as well. This ensures a more thorough cleaning of the surface of the bong. Do the same for the bowl and slides.

Step 4: Let it sit

Depending on the amount of resin and tar buildup, it can be a good idea to let the solution sit for 15-30 minutes. Unlike homemade solutions (like rubbing alcohol and salt), you won’t need to soak the bong for hours.

Step 5: Rinse

Run the bong over running water to remove the solution. This completes the cleaning.

This is the best, easiest way to clean your bong thoroughly. Resolution products are clay-based, are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and are quite simple to use.

Glass bongs have become very sophisticated in the past decade—diffuser plates, complex designs, ice catchers. There are many moving parts, and it’s crucial that you clean your bong equipment often.

Isopropyl is a VOC that can wreak havoc on your wellness. It can make respiratory problems like asthma worsen over time if it’s inhaled, and it can lead to irritated skin, eyes and nose.

Our solution is easier to use and non-toxic. Instead of subjecting your body and the environment to harsh chemicals, take the safe route and use Resolution products. 

By using our clay-based gel bong cleaner, you maintain the quality of your bong, and you void damage to your body.