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Why Res Wipes are Better than Alcohol for Daily Cleaning

Cleaning your piece shouldn’t be an occasional activity. Resin builds up quickly with frequent use, and before you know it, your piece is caked with sticky goo that attracts all kinds of particles around it. At this point, it can be a real task to get your piece back to how it was when you first brought it home. Not only that, but especially if you use water in your piece, bacteria and even mold can begin to grow. This is just one of the reasons cleaning your piece daily or after each use is so beneficial. It saves you a lot of time and effort in the long run!


A graphic with an image of a pack of Res Wipes with a green greater than sign indicating that the wipes are better than the bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Res wipes are a simple solution to this age-old problem. It makes cleaning your piece daily super easy and quick. You’ll have built a new cleaning habit for your piece in no time! Here are some of the biggest benefits to using wipes instead of something like alcohol for daily cleaning.


Better clean!

Res wipes are tough on grime, yet gentle on skin and surfaces. The scrubber dots on the wipes do a lot of the heavy lifting, so they don’t have to rely on strong chemicals.

100ct packs are affordable, so you can be strapped with your cleaning supplies anywhere you take your piece. Keep a pack in your room, in your car, and even in your backpack so you can clean your piece immediately!


Safer for your piece, and you!

Alcohol usually requires salt to be effective enough to get your piece clean (hence why we added the scrubber dots to the Res wipes). But, salt actually scratches even glass, which creates little grooves for resin and bacteria to get stuck in. Once it’s in these microscopic scratches, don’t expect to be able to get a thorough clean ever again. Res Gel and wipes are will leave the glass smooth, meaning your piece will stay in great shape a lot longer.  

A hand is pouring a bottle of rubbing alcohol down the sink, and there is a big red circle with a line through it over the hand and a stop side on either side.

Just like alcohol isn’t great for the health of your piece, it’s not healthy for us either. Alcohol is a volatile organic compound (VOC), which means that it’s so toxic that it should not be dumped down the drain. If that’s the case, we definitely don’t want to be inhaling any alcohol residue on our smoking devices. All our products are VOC-free, so you don’t need to worry about sacrificing your health for a clean bong. Not worth it!



Wipes are WAY less of a hassle than wetting a cotton pad with alcohol. Not only that, but spilled alcohol can quickly become a disaster. One wrong move and you’re screwed! It’s also very drying to your hands and can leave an unpleasant smell behind on your skin. With Res wipes, just pull one out of the pack and toss it in the garbage once you’ve scrubbed the piece down. These wipes are safe for your hands, but you can always use gloves it you have extra sensitive skin. They have a fresh citrus scent that won’t make your hands stinky!

A white woman's hand with pink nails is using a Res Wipe to wipe down a table. There is a 100ct pack of wipes next to her hand.

One 10-second wipe down every day will keep your piece fresh for a long time and free of damage. Plus, it will save you those hour-long deep cleans that still don’t leave it sparkly clean. For a safe, effective, affordable way to keep your piece clean, stock up on your Res Wipes today!