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Bong Brushes

Glass Pipe Cleaning Brushes

Our Premium Ooze Resolution Bong Cleaning Brushes offer a new innovative spin on cleaning down stems, bowls, and pipes. Helping keep your Rigs and Bongs spotless.

Bong cleaning brushesAt Ooze Resolution, we offer more than just the best liquid glass cleaning gel and cleaning kits to buy online. We also have a selection of the brushes for cleaning those hard to reach places! Browse through our bong brushes and pipe brushes online with us today. Buy our 10 pack set of different sized bong brushes and glass pipe cleaning brushes for any sized glass piece. Our bong and pipe brushes offer a new innovative spin on cleaning hard to reach places including down stems, bowls, the corners of rigs and pipes! At Ooze Resolution, we aim to redefine the negative stereotype that goes along with dirty glassware. This is why we have developed and continue to develop the supplies, tools, and natural products you need to keep your glassware free from residue build-up and improve your experience. Combine our pipe brushes alongside our tobacco pipe cleaning kit to scrub and wash away tar buildup. Don’t wait any longer for the dirt and grime to build up even more! Buy our bong brushes and pipe brushes today to get the best and most accurate clean for your glass pieces today.