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Question And Answer

Ooze purchased Resolution Colorado, and we've merged our two brands to create Ooze Resolution. Resolution products now belong to the Ooze family of products, and we've updated the packaging to reflect the branding change. 

Ooze Resolution fits in perfectly with the Ooze brand of products! Now we can set you up to smoke just about any way you want and give you a cleaning solution to keep on blazing.

Ooze is a Michigan-based accessory brand that loves to really bring the fun to the smoking experience. Based just outside of Detroit, Ooze is best known for vape pen batteries, but also offers a huge variety of different accessories. From rolling trays to grinders to silicone glass pieces, Ooze has it all for affordable prices that let you spend more of that cash on fire flower or wax.

Check out everything Ooze has to offer at!

Yes you are! Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel is the exact same product you're used to buying (and loving!) from Resolution. Instead of a turquoise blue gel, the cleaning gel is now a slimy green color. The color change is the ONLY difference in the formula. Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel is still alcohol free, non-toxic, and free of VOCs.

Not one bit! Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel is just as powerful as the original Resolution Gel. It goes to work to lift and remove that stuck-on dirt, resin, and grime, to get even our dirtiest pieces back to their original, sparkling condition.

Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel has been totally Ooze-ified! Ooze is all about the slime, so we switched the color up to better match Ooze's branding. We redesigned the packaging and slapped the Ooze logo on there, but you can rest assured this is the same product you've come to know and love.

New color. New brand. New look. SAME amazing cleaning solution!

You sure can! We have made no changes to the subscription service offered by Resolution. Ooze Resolution subscriptions are still valid with our website, and we will continue to honor this service with monthly deliveries.

Please send an email to with any questions or concerns regarding your order. Our support team is ready to help!