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VOC Compliant Bong Cleaner
Bong Cleaner with no alcohol
safe bong cleaner
non toxic bong cleaner


We create products that shake up and lead the future of cleaning technologies. Ooze Resolution was founded by industry pioneers, the business was created with the vision to fill a void in the market for glass experts who understand the need for better cleaning supplies.


Pour Gel Into Piece

Use our caps to seal off any holes.

Gently Shake Piece

Ensure the gel is distributed throughout it.

Rinse It Out

Enjoy using your essentially brand new piece.


Buying the best glassware cleaning supplies shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg and you also don’t want to have to shop around to multiple places to get everything you need. You want your cleaning process to be fast and easy which is why we engineer the most effective, natural, and safe water pipe cleaner to keep your water pipe and pieces ripping like the day you got them.

Getting your pieces cleaner has never been so easy. Just pour the gel into your piece, use our caps seal off any holes, and then gently shake your piece to ensure the gel is distributed throughout it. Finally rinse it out and enjoy using your essentially brand new piece. Your days of using dish soap, salt, and whatever else you can find are over.  No more plugging the ends with your hands while you shake your homemade solution around causing your hands to stink and no more wondering how to clean a water pipe without alcohol.

Our products make clearing out the residue super fast and easy even for difficult items such as cleaning your grinder or cleaning your grinder screen and even cleaning your dab rig. You won't have to put it off for so long that your piece clogs up because you didn't want to deal with the cleaning process. Now you can keep your pieces fresh and smooth like the day you picked them up. Maintenance of your water pipe has never been so easy.

We sell all of our supplies by the individual item or in kits because we know what tools you need to use to get the job done. Our water pipe cleaning caps are reusable and come in four different sizes so that no matter the piece your using, we got you covered. Our water pipe cleaning brushes is a new innovative spin on cleaning down stems, bowls and pipes.


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Looking for the perfect present to gift your stoner friends this holiday season? Give them the gift that keeps on giving with a prepaid Ooze Resolution subscription! This is a great gift for that friend who's always getting their bong dirty af.
Did you know that there are different types of glass that pipes, bubblers, and bongs can be made of? Depending on your budget and the type of piece you have in mind, you can choose between China glass, American-made glass, scientific, or artisan glass.
Dirty bongs and pipes aren't just gross, they can be straight up scary! Don't believe us? Just give these horror stories a read, and you'll be running straight for your pouch of Ooze Resolution cleaning gel.