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How to Clean a Glass Pipe

how to clean a glass pipe

If you've heard how to clean a glass pipe and it sounds like a long drawn out process, it could make you never want to follow through with the task. Leaving your pipe filthy and forcing you to purchase another.

The results of a glass pipe left without being cleaned for multiple smoke sesh's in a row is harmful to your body. See how dark your bowl gets after just one use? The same thing goes for your lungs. Tar and resin begin to build upon your bowl and your lungs after one use. These contaminants contain mold and harvest bacteria growth.

The old way to clean a pipe was by using salt and alcohol which are extremely harmful. Using alcohol can take up to an hour. And let's be honest, do you really want to wait that long to hit the bowl again?

Additionally, salt is damaging to your glass pipe. Over time, the course salt creates tiny scratches in your glass that make lovely little nooks for tar and resin to hide in.

We're going to show you how to clean your glass pipe safely, in under a minute.

How to Clean a Glass Pipe Quickly

Resolution Gel is the number one glass pipe cleaner. It is reusable (up to 10-15x), which saves you money. It cleans a glass piece in seconds, which saves time. Res Gel is healthy for you; unlike rubbing alcohol that is toxic. Additionally, it is safe for your glass pipe. Learn the dangers of using alcohol to clean water pipes and all smoking devices.

If you want to learn how to clean a glass pipe fast, you'll want to continue reading. Pipe cleaning doesn't have to be such a daunting process anymore. You no longer need to neglect your glass piece. Learning how to clean weed pipes the Res Gel way is life-changing and will enhance your smoking experience. Clean glass pieces give you a cleaner hit and allow you to taste those terpenes.

how to clean a glass pipe quickly

Let's break down all the steps on how to clean a glass pipe quickly:

Step 1. Shake Res Glass Pipe Cleaner Bag

how to clean a glass pipe vinegar

Shake it like a salt shaker. Shaking your glass pipe cleaner bag will activate the solution and turn it on. See what we did there?

Step 2. Insert Glass Pipe into Bag

how to clean a glass pipe and save resin

Drop your dirty glass piece into resealable Res bag. Move the pipe around in the solution for about 30 seconds. Massage it to get the solution in all the right places. You'll notice the tar and resin coming off right before your eyes. It's honestly mind-blowing, guys.

Use a resolution pipe cleaner or cotton swab to scrape off any hard to reach tar and resin that the bowl piece may have hidden.

Step 3. Rinse Glass Pipe with Warm Water

how to clean a pipe

Once you see the glass piece has been cleansed of its resins, you're ready to rinse under warm water. Make sure you don't use hot water. Using hot water will heat any hidden tar and resin and make it sticky and hard to scrape out.

Remove that beauty from the bag and seal the bag back up for reuse! There you have it, guys, a clean weed pipe. See, cleaning marijuana pipe doesn't have to be such a hassle.

How to Clean a Glass Pipe and Save the Resin

Want to learn how to clean a glass pipe and save the resin? We got you. 2020 was the year that kind of made everyone a little easy. With hard times comes high times. Smoking resin is a great way to get the absolute most out of your weed.

If you look at the resin and decide not to waste it, we'll show you how to save the resin so you can smoke it.

Before you drop that glass pipe into your Res Gel shake bag, heat the bowl by holding a lighter to it for about 20 to 30 seconds. Heating the glass bowl will loosen up the resin and allow you to scrape it out. Ask your girlfriend for a bobby pin, bend the bobby pin open, and scrape along the bowl to collect all the pipe resin. Roll the resin into a ball with your fingers. Yes, it's sticky, but you can clean off your fingers with a little Resolution Gel.

Place your cute little resin ball back in the bowl to smoke. Or set it aside to smoke out of your clean glass weed pipe! Be forewarned, resin tastes terrible, but if you can muscle through it, you'll be high and not give a flip.


Cleaning a glass pipe seems like it got a lot more fun now, huh? If you don't have Res Gel, purchase yours today. Res gel is perfect for all your water pipes, dab rigs, and glass pipes. The easier cleaning glass pipe is, the more likely you are to do it! Be good to your body. With coronavirus still wreaking havoc, the health of your lungs has never been more critical. Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!