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How to Clean a Water Pipe Without Alcohol

Today we are going to show you how to clean a water pipe without alcohol and, not only that, we are going to show you how to restore your water pipe to it's original pristine condition in just 60 seconds.

Knowing how to clean a water pipe without rubbing alcohol is a very smart move for your health, your environment, and your water pipe!

how to clean a bong without alcohol

The thing is, rubbing alcohol or Isopropyl alcohol is extremely toxic to the environment that it's even illegal to pour down your sink in some states.

Being extremely high in VOC (the toxic fumes) it definitely is harmful for you as well because a water pipe is something we light a fire to and inhale directly into our lungs.

We are going to show you how to clean a water pipe without alcohol extremely fast and efficiently. Unlike other over priced formulas, this powerful solution can be reused over and over again and done in just one minute.

This means that this method saves you money, time, and is safer than all other methods including DYI and traditional formulas. It's a no brainer, right?

2 Reasons to Never Use Salt and Alcohol to Clean your Water Pipe

It's 2021 and we all know because of covid-19 lung health is of prime concern. 

We recommend you read below to learn just why you need to avoid cleaning your water pipe with rubbing alcohol and why you should never use salt. But if you want to get down to business you can skip below for all the steps on how to clean a water pipe without rubbing alcohol.

Keep reading below to learn the hidden dangers of salt and alcohol when used to clean your glass water pipe:

Cleaning Your Water Pipe With Coarse Salt is Abusive to your Water Pipe

You heard me! Don't be abusive to your water pipe guys, nobody likes a water pipe beater.

There is literally thousands of articles preaching to use Salt and Alcohol and even to substitute vinegar. We have seen lemon juice, baking soda, white vinegar, nail polish remover, and I'm telling you right now it's all a waste because all these methods need coarse salt to do the actual cleaning.

The truth is these methods helps break down the resin to a degree, but it's the coarse salt you are using and the vigorous shaking that knocks the bad stuff off your water pipe. That's a ton of effort for not a lot of results.

Abrasive salt has a sandpaper-like effect. Over time, it can degrade your water pipe and create scratches and grooves. Unwanted resin can seep into the scratched grooves, making your precious glass incredibly hard to clean the next roundOvertime bacteria and mold can build in these tiny grooves, sound like something you want to inhale? How about let's not! 

Can You Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Clean a Water Pipe?

Alcohol seems like a perfect solution for cleaning water pipe because of how harsh and abrasive it is- we'll just let that soak in.

Harsh and abrasive. Two words that sound good when you're thinking of cleaning a dirty toilet, but not for cleaning a device you will put your mouth on and put a flame up to.

Alcohol contains 100% VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). VOCs are fumes, gases emitted that pollute the air. Alcohol is 100% toxic. 

In states like California and Colorado, it is illegal to dispose of isopropyl alcohol down the drain.

Isopropyl Alcohol is characterized as hazardous waste. If you pour your alcohol down the sink, you're pouring contaminated IPA into the sewer. You will jeopardize your respiratory wellness by polluting the air you breath and the environment you live in if you choose to clean your water pipe with alcohol.


How to Clean Water Pipe Without Alcohol in Just 60 Seconds

how to clean a glass pipe without alcohol

Resolution Gel has been the top choice for weed enthusiasts because it's highly efficient and is theeasiest way to clean a water pipe 2021.

Resolution Gel has only 3% VOC compared to Isopropyl Alcohol's 100% VOC (the toxic fume fumes).

But our favorite part about Resolution Gel water pipe cleaneris that when you are done with the solution, instead of pouring this precious formula down the sink, you can pour it back into the pouch and reuse it over and over.

Resolution Gel water pipe cleaner is also very friendly on the environment so the dirty solution is also safe to pour down the sink. It's safe for you, your lungs, the environment, and doesn't damage your water pipe at all.

Pro Water Pipe Cleaner Tip: Check out this video on how quick and easy it is when we clean a water pipe without alcohol. Read below for all the simple steps on how to clean a water pipe without alcohol:

Prepare Your Dirty Water Pipe

Make sure to empty out the dirty pipe water and disassemble your water pipe by removing the bowl piece and downstem. If you find mold in water pipe it is important to clean your water pipe right away. You can not clean a plastic water pipe with Resolution gel so stick to glass!

how to clean a bong without rubbing alcohol

All you need to clean a water pipe without rubbing alcohol is:

  1. Resolution Gel (Res Caps recommended to cover openings in water pipe for easy shaking)
  2. Your dirty dirty water pipe
  3. Paper Towel to Dry
how to clean bong without alcohol

Follow these steps on how to clean a water pipe without alcohol:

Step 1. Shake Water Pipe Cleaner Gel to Activate 

clean bong without alcohol
Approximate Time: 5 Seconds

Shake your Res Gel Bag to activate the all natural clay based formula - aka the good stuff! Open the top of the pouch and get ready for some good cleaning.

Step 2. Add Resolution Gel to Dirty Water Pipe. 

 can you use isopropyl alcohol to clean a bong

Approximate Time: 35 Seconds

Pour between 2-4 oz of Resolution Gel water pipe cleaning kit inside your dirty water pipe. You only need to use just enough Gel to coat any spots that are visibly covered by resin. Let the gel sit in the water pipe for about 20-30 seconds while you shake and swirl. Make sure the gel hits every part inside your dirty water pipe.

Place the downstem and bowl piece into the pouch directly and let sit for 30 seconds as well. You can swirl the pouch but not much is needed.

Pro Water Pipe Cleaner Tip:We recommend you use the res caps to cover both ends of the water pipe so you can shake without getting any solution or dirty water pipe grime on your fingers.

Step 3. Rinse with Warm Water

can you use rubbing alcohol to clean a bong
Approximate Time: 20 Seconds

Run warm sink water and pull out the downstem and bowl piece from the pouch and place in sink.

Next take your water pipe and pour the solution back into the pouch. Rinse your water pipe, downstem, and bowl piece off in warm water. And there you have it! A perfectly clean water pipe with no scratches from epsom salt, no harmful toxins for your lung or environment.

You can let air dry or just dry off with paper towels but that's entirely up to you.

All done! Clean a water pipe without isopropyl alcohol in just a minute!

Also if you are looking to clean your grinder or wondering how to clean your grinder screen we have got you covered. Make sure to check out our article also on how to clean a dab rig and how to clean a glass blunt.

How to Clean a Glass Pipe Without Alcohol

Cleaning a glass pipe without alcohol is super simple too!

When it comes to a glass pipe it's as simple as placing your dirty glass pipe into the Resolution pouch and letting it sit for 30 seconds. let's break down the simple steps on how to clean a glass pipe without rubbing alcohol:

  1. Shake Resolution Gel to Activate
  2. Place dirty glass pipe in Resolution Gel pouch (sit for 30 seconds)
  3. Pull out glass pipe and rinse under warm water


Super easy right? Resolution Gel has got you covered for all your cannabis needs. Whether you are dealing with a dab rig or any cannabis smoking device you just don't need anything but Resolution gel for water pipe cleaning or pipe cleaning.


Using Resolution Gel is the only way to clean water pipe without alcohol without damaging your water pipe, environment, and your wallet. You will not need any other cleaning tools other than the Resolution kit.

Make sure you not only keep your water pipe clean but maintain daily habits when cleaning your glass pipe.

Choose Resolution Gel to keep your health and your water pipe in optimal condition! Stay elevated guys!