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How Do I Clean A Bong Without Alcohol or Salt?

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Cleaning your bong can be a messy, complicated affair. The traditional way of cleaning glass calls for the use of rubbing alcohol — which can get the job done, but it's no longer the best method. Rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) can jeopardize your respiratory health over time. Salt can scratch your bong, compromising the aesthetics and integrity of its build.

We have a better solution.

 Res Gel is the Best Bong Cleaner

Resolution Gel is the leading bong cleaner

Resolution Gel is a natural clay-based cleaner that's incredibly powerful for removing resin, yet it's non-toxic for humans and the planet!

Our formula was developed to make your life easier by allowing you to clean your bong with a simple all-in-one solution. This saves you from having to create toxic blends of household chemicals, which may affect your health.

You need your glass for relief and treatment, you shouldn't minimize those benefits by adding toxic chemicals to your routine. Let’s look at how easy we make it for you.

Here's how to clean a bong without alcohol

Step 1: Empty it

It may be difficult to clean a bong if it’s full of dirty bong water. Start by disassembling your bong and removing the bowl piece and downstem. Pour out your dirty bong water into a toilet or drain. We recommend not pouring dirty bong water into a sink, as this may result in a not-so-great odor in your kitchen or bathroom. 


Step 2: Add Res Gel

Pour between 2-4 oz of Resolution Gel inside. You only need to use just enough Gel to coat any spots that are visibly covered by resin. When you're done adding Gel to your bong open the resealable pouch and drop your bowl piece and downstem inside. 

Add Res Gel to a dirty bong


Step 3: Apply Res Caps

Once your bong is filled with Gel, place Caps over the mouthpiece and downstem areas. Next, shake rigorously. Depending on the amount of resin inside your bong, you may need to let the Gel sit for up to 5-30 minutes.

Res Caps are engineered to easily fit on most standard-sized water pipes. The caps kit comes with 3 pieces, one large cap and two smaller caps. If you're cleaning a rig, our new rig kit features caps that are compatible with most dab pieces.

Resolution Bong Caps Green

Apply Res Caps to your bong


Step 4: Recycle & Rinse

You'll know it's time for a bong shower when you can no longer see any spots covered by resin. First and foremost, remove your bowl piece and downstem from the pouch, take off the Caps, pour the recyclable Gel back in to our earth-friendly reusable pouch, and rinse your bong thoroughly with hot water.

All done! Your glass is now sparkling clean and fresh.

Res Gel Cleaning a Bowl Piece

Res Gel vs Dirty Bong

Why You Shouldn't Clean Bongs with Alcohol

Homemade products are cheap, but they can do more harm than good in the long run. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

Isopropyl is a Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). VOCs aren’t great for the environment and they can damage your health.

Isopropyl, in particular, can aggravate chronic conditions like asthma and COPD when it’s inhaled. It can irritate the throat, eyes and nose if its fumes come in contact with your face.

Abrasive salt has a sandpaper-like effect. Over time, it can degrade your bong and create scratches and grooves. Unwanted resin can seep into the grooves, making your precious glass incredibly hard to clean.

Save the Alcohol for your First-Aid Kit

So, the cheap solution of rubbing alcohol + salt can end up costing you more over time, and it can do terrible things to your health.

The product line from Resolution is safer and easier to use. You simply pour the gel into the bong, seal it with our Resolution Caps, and shake the solution until you achieve the maximum clean.

When you clean your bong this way, ditching alcohol and salt becomes a no-brainer.

Enjoy clean glass on demand, pick up a Res Gel Cleaning kit today!

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