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Frequently Asked Questions

Ooze Resolution has gained worldwide recognition for being the most safe, effective, and best glass cleaning brand on the market. By no surprise, we receive a high volume of questions and comments from people just like you that truly want to know -- what makes Resolution the best? Below, we've compiled the most frequently asked questions to help you get a better understanding of our company and products.


Is it safe?

Yes,It is a Natural clay-based formula that is highly effective to clean glass water pipes, pipes, dab rigs, and grinders. The product is made of all-natural ingredients that is not harmful to humans or animals.Contains less than 3% Volatile Organic Compounds. It is safe for you, the environment, and smoking devices.

How does it work?

Ooze Res Gel® water pipe cleaner is engineered to give your dirty glass pipe or water pipe the best clean on the market. Our natural, clay-based water pipe cleaning solutions formula easily removes build-up.Watch this video to see how to use it.

What can you use this on?

The Ooze Res Gel® formula easily removes pipe resin and tar from your glass pipes, water pipes, rigs, bowls, stems, steamrollers, chillum, tools, grinders, jars, hands, and even clothes!

What is it made of?

Ooze Res Gel® is made of an all Natural, clay-based formula.

What is Ooze Resolution?

Ooze purchased Resolution Colorado, and we've merged our two brands to create Ooze Resolution. Resolution products now belong to the Ooze family of products, and we've updated the packaging to reflect the branding change. 

Ooze Resolution fits in perfectly with the Ooze brand of products! Now we can set you up to smoke just about any way you want and give you a cleaning solution to keep on blazing.

Who is Ooze?

Ooze is a Michigan-based accessory brand that loves to really bring the fun to the smoking experience. Based just outside of Detroit, Ooze is best known for vape pen batteries, but also offers a huge variety of different accessories. From rolling trays to grinders to silicone glass pieces, Ooze has it all for affordable prices that let you spend more of that cash on fire flower or wax.

Check out everything Ooze has to offer at!

Am I getting the same cleaning solution?

Yes you are! Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel is the exact same product you're used to buying (and loving!) from Resolution. Instead of a turquoise blue gel, the cleaning gel is now a slimy green color. The color change is the ONLY difference in the formula. Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel is still alcohol free, non-toxic, and free of VOCs.

Is there a difference in quality?

Not one bit! Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel is just as powerful as the original Resolution Gel. It goes to work to lift and remove that stuck-on dirt, resin, and grime, to get even our dirtiest pieces back to their original, sparkling condition.

Why does it look different?

Ooze Resolution Cleaning Gel has been totally Ooze-ified! Ooze is all about the slime, so we switched the color up to better match Ooze's branding. We redesigned the packaging and slapped the Ooze logo on there, but you can rest assured this is the same product you've come to know and love.

New color. New brand. New look. SAME amazing cleaning solution!

Can I still get my subscription?

You sure can! We have made no changes to the subscription service offered by Resolution. Ooze Resolution subscriptions are still valid with our website, and we will continue to honor this service with monthly deliveries.

You can easily manage your subscription by logging into your account. If you are having difficulty, please fill out this form:

Or email us

Who should I reach out to if I have questions about my order?

Please send an email to with any questions or concerns regarding your order. Our support team is ready to help!

How will this impact future orders?

The only difference you may notice between past and future orders is that Ooze Resolution products will be shipped from our warehouse in Michigan, instead of out of Colorado.

How do I clean my piece with Ooze Resolution Gel + Caps?

Step 1:

Shake bag to active the Ooze Resolution Gel. You will want to pour just enough gel to coat the inside of the glass. Put the caps on both ends of the glass and make sure the inside of the glass is completely coated in gel.  Once coated, immediately pour the excess back into the bag through the resealable top. The cleaner you keep the gel the more use you will get out of it. Let the gel sit from 5-30 minutes depending on how dirty the piece is.

Step 2:

Remove the caps off of the glass. Rinse glass with warm water until there are no more bubbles. And there you have it, your glass is cleaner then when you first bought it.

Step 3:

Shake bag to activate the Ooze Resolution Gel. Grab your bag of Ooze Resolution and tear off the top. Open the resealable top and slowly drop in a bowl, down stem, banger or smaller bowls into the bag. Wait 5-30 minutes depending on how dirty your glass is.

Step 4:

Carefully remove the glass from the bag. Use warm water to rinse off glass. And there you have it, sparkling clean glass.

Resolution can be used with metals and glass but is not made to be used on plastic.

Why should I use Ooze Res Gel instead of alcohol and salt to Clean my Water Pipe?

While it's true that you can purchase alcohol and salt at nearly any gas station or drugstore, it's far from the best way to clean your equipment. Alcohol based cleaners tend to be abrasive and can cause damage to your equipment and health over time. Using Ooze Resolution Gel to clean your equipment is a much safer option.

Is Ooze Res Gel reusable?

Yes. The Ooze Res Gel formula and pouch were developed with sustainability in mind. After you're done cleaning, simply pour any used solution back in to the pouch.

How many times can you re-use Ooze Res Gel®?

Depending on how clean you keep your glass, each Ooze Res Gel pouch can be reused on an average of 5-10 times.

Is Ooze Res Gel non-toxic?

Ooze Res Gel is non-toxic and safe for cleaning with.

Is Ooze Res Gel safe for the environment?

Unlike chemical solvents that contain up to 100% VOCs, Ooze Res Gel contains less than 3% VOCs and does not pose any significant threat to the environment.

Isopropyl alcohol on the other hand, is made up of 100% VOCs and should not be used carelessly or on a regular basis.

What are Volatile Organic Compounds and why do they matter?

Volatile organic compounds, otherwise known as VOCs are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and low water solubility.

A high vapor pressure causes molecules to be emitted and released as gasses from certain solids or liquids, such as isopropyl alcohol.

VOCs are pollutants that can have short and long-term effects on someone's health.

Chemicals such as isopropyl alcohol are extremely high in VOCs which can lead to problems if used to clean your glass and equipment on a regular basis.

Ooze Resolution Gel contains approximately 97% less VOCs than isopropyl alcohol and similar chemicals.

Can I pour Ooze Res Gel down the drain?

Yes. Ooze Res Gel can be emptied in your sink, drain, toilet, or on the ground outdoors.

Is the pouch recyclable?

Yes. All packaging is 100% recyclable. 

Is the plastic pouch safe for the environment?

Yes! We pride ourselves on using eco-friendly packaging. The plastic Ooze Res Gel pouch saves 77% in plastic compared to bottles.

Can I use Ooze Res Gel to clean acrylic or other soft plastics?

Ooze Resolution Gel should not be used to clean acrylics or soft plastics.

How many pipes can one pouch clean?

15-20, depending on piece cleanliness and size.

How many water pipe can one pouch clean?

6-10, depending on piece cleanliness and size.

How many rigs can one pouch clean?

6-10, depending on piece cleanliness and size.

Resolution Caps

How do I use Ooze Resolution Caps for cleaning?

Fill your water pipe with Ooze Resolution Gel, apply Ooze Resolution Caps, shake and rinse for the quickest and easiest clean ever.

What size are the different Caps?

Ooze Resolution Caps come in 4 different sizes: large, medium, small, extra small. You can view specific sizing information on the chart below.

Original Ooze Res Caps come with: 1x large, 2x small

Rig Kit Caps come with: 1x medium, 1x small, 1x extra small

Res Caps Plus comes with: 1x large, 1x medium, 1x small, 1x extra small


How Big Are Res Caps®?

resolution cap sizing comparison chart

 Are Ooze Resolution Caps good to use while storing my water pipe?

Yes. Another great benefit of our caps is that they'll mask odors and prevent unwanted spills during storage. Caps were designed to prevent that dirty pipe water smell.

Will Ooze Res Caps keep the water in my water pipe/rig while traveling?

Yes. Use Ooze Res Caps while traveling to seal in any water.



What are the benefits of a subscription?

An Ooze Resolution subscription saves you time, money, and energy. Ease the worries of having to place an order each time you need to resupply on Gel or Caps. Our subscription plans put your cleaning needs on complete auto-pilot.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes. If you need to cancel for any reason, please contact with your email and billing information and we'll be happy to cancel your plan!



We are located in the Oak Park, Michigan.

Where can I find Ooze Resolution on social media?

We'd love for you to follow us on Instagram @resolutioncolorado, Facebook @resolutioncolo, and Twitter @resolutioncolo

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Once an order has been placed, we can not make any additions, subtractions, or substitutions. If you no longer want the exact items on your order, please contact support to request a cancellation.

Shipping & Returns

How quick is shipping?

We ship via USPS, UPS, and FedEx. Standard shipping is 2-5 business days ($4.95) 1-3 business days ($29.99) and international shipments can take 1-2 weeks depending on the country. USPS Priority may be delivered on Saturdays.

All other methods are delivered Monday through Friday by end of day. *Delivery dates on our website are estimates provided by the courier and may be affected by weather, national holidays, and some geographic locations.

My tracking says my order was delivered but I haven’t received it.

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Yes, shipping is available to P.O. Boxes. Be sure to choose "USPS" as your shipping method during checkout.