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Bong Cleaner: The Ultimate Guide

Trying to find a great bong cleaner can be daunting.

For recreational and medicinal marijuana users, knowing how to get that bong sparkling as bright as new, and with ease, has been a trial and error experience over the years. From the dangers of Isopropyl Alcohol, to vigorously shaking your bong for 30 minutes only to find resin still built up on the sides, nothing seemed to work.

A bong cleaner that isn't harmful to you or the environment that actually gets the job done seemed to be impossible... until now!

Resolution Gel has been said to be the best product to clean your bong, and we know why. So, take a fat rip and continue reading on with us to learn how to effectively and efficiently get your bong cleaner than ever!


What is the Best Bong Cleaner?


best bong cleaner

Isopropyl Alcohol has been the go-to household item used for cleaning a bong for quite some time. Along with some course sea salt, give your bong a shake, and there you have it... a "clean" (or so you think) bong and a filthy sink!

Alcohol is super abrasive, it actually hardens the resin and knocks it off. When the resin falls down your sink, it is hit with hot water, which loosens the resin back up so that it sticks better all up and down your pipes.


Furthermore, alcohol contains 100% VOCs which are pollutants. In some states it is illegal to dispose of Isopropyl Alcohol down the drain. THAT is how detrimental to our health and environment.

Since alcohol is used in the majority of methods for cleaning a glass bong, it seems like it's the only option to a clean bong. It's either alcohol and salt solution or just alcohol. Common mistake. This is why there's too many dirty bongs lying around... a lot of smokers agree, it doesn't make sense to clean toxins out of a bong with harmful chemicals. So, how do you clean a bong without alcohol?

Resolution Colo took matters into their own hands with this frustration daily weed smokers share. Resolution Gel was created after much R&D. This gel is safe for you and the environment containing less than 3% VOCs. This bong cleaner is effective and reusable. Any unused gel goes right back into the resealable bag and can be used as many as 5-10 times, depending on how dirty the piece is.

Resolution Gel is the best way to effectively and efficiently clean a bong. Additionally, res gel is the best way on how to clean a grinder and how to clean a glass pipe. The kit comes with everything you need and you don't have to worry about cleaning using harmful chemicals that alcohol contain!


Why is it Important to Clean a Bong?


why you should clean your bong

Can you remember what your bong looked like the day you got it? Crystal clear, clean, tasty rip, no slimy, dark gunk...? That's the ideal state your bong wishes to be in. When you've gone too long without cleaning your bong funky stuff starts to grow.

That funky stuff isn't just nasty but it is actually toxic to your body. Think about this, cannabis is a plant. It is living. We sometimes forget this and therefore, neglect our smoking tools. When we don't treat our smoking accessories with care, our health could suffer.

It's important to clean your bong for your health, no doubt. Furthermore, a clean bong can provide the most pleasant and enjoyable experience, every smoke sesh. Below are additional key motivators to clean that dirty bong:

  • Taste- A dirty bong tends to cover up the taste of those mouth watering terpenes. A dirty bong will make your rip taste like filthy bong water and resin. Totally ruins the experience!
  • Smell- Taste goes hand in hand with smell. What you taste, you and others smell. A dirty bong will produce a horrible smell and good luck getting that out of your carpet if you happen to spill. Which happens more often than we like to admit.
  • Cut bacteria growth- After 22 hours (less than 1 day) is how long it takes for resin build to grow bacteria. It then only continues to grow from there.
  • Better pull when you rip- Notice the struggle trying to pull a fat rip from an overused, under cleaned bong. Airflow restriction level 3000.
  • Hassle-free clean each time! When you clean your bong really good and often, the cleaning process is reduced tin fold. Would you rather spend an hour and a lot of elbow grease or a few minutes cleaning your bong? It's a no brainer.
  • Reduce resin buildup- Resin will begin to build up on your bong after the first use. If a bong goes too long without a cleaning, the resin will actually harden and adhere to your bong leaving it impossible to clean, you will have to trash it. So, just clean your bong.


What is That Slime in My Bong?


The slimy film that builds up in a used bong after use without cleaning is ideal for bacteria and fungi to grow.

As previously mentioned, the bacteria that grows is harmful to your lungs.

Mold or fungi, is detrimental to our immune system, to our lungs, and our respiration. Certain fungi can cause severe medical conditions and trigger allergies like crazy.

A clean bong is the only way to keep this from happening while enjoying your favorite herbs.

Pro tip: Fresh lemon juice contains enzymes that break down the slime that is resin that builds up on the inside of a bong. Adding two drops to the water you put in your bong while smoking, prevents the yucky mess from growing. The lemon juice also helps kill the putrid bong water smell and keeps things fresh!

It only takes a few drops to achieve the desired effect. In this case, more is not merrier. Too much lemon juice will start to overpower the flavors of your favorite strain's terpenes. Two small drops will do the trick!


Things You'll Need to Clean Your Bong


Luckily, Resolution Colo recognized the annoyance of gathering up all these different household items each time you need to clean a bong. It's evident that this is a deterrent for cleaning your bong. When something is too much of a hassle, it will get put off to a later date.

Luckily, Resolution Gel realized this and simplified the process by including everything you will need to efficiently clean your dirty bong. No need for course sea salt or rubbing alcohol. Here's what you'll need to get started:

  1. Resolution Gel
  2. Nylon Stick Brush
  3. Carb Caps
  4. Cotton Swabs
  5. Resealable Resolution Shake Bag


How to Clean a Bong


Now that you have a better understanding for why it is important to keep a clean bong, lay out all your essentials, including that filthy bong.

Follow these steps to clean a bong:

Step 1. Dump out the old mucky bong water.

Step 2. Take apart your bong.

Step 3. Grab Resolution Gel, pour enough to coat your bong (about 3 ounces). Remember, you can reuse this gel numerous times!

Step 4. Grab carb caps and place over mouthpiece and joint that connects to downstem. This will keep from any filthy resin water from splashing out everywhere.

Step 5. Slide any remaining small pieces of your bong, like the flower bowl, into the resealable shake bag. You can also include your grinder at this time and knock out two birds with one stone.

Step 6. Shake bag and shake the bong to activate the gel (no need for salt or alcohol). Make sure the whole bong is coated and not filled. It's not necessary to fill the bong entirely with gel. In fact, there needs to be air space to shake the bong so resin gets knocked off. Let it sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Step 7. Rinse with clean warm water. Leave upside down to dry in dishwasher so it is supported by the racks. Or you can hand dry if you're in a hurry for another rip. And just like that, clean as new bongs!

The cotton swabs that the gel comes with is for fine detailing any nook and cranny. Use these when you have really harsh resin stuck in a crevice.


How Often Should I Clean My Bong?


First, identify which type of smoker you consider yourself. This will help you determine how often you should clean your bong.

If you believe yourself to be a heavy smoker- one that smokes multiple times, every day, it is recommended to clean your bong every 48 hours.

Regular use exposes your bong to a lot of smoke and a lot of heat. Bacteria growth is slowed down by these two factors, but only for a limited time. After 48 hours bacteria growth begins to speed up and then there's nothing you can do but to clean your bong! (Or, in some annoyed smoker's case, just toss the whole thing out).

If you consider yourself a casual smoker- one that smokes a few times a week, it is suggested to clean your bong after each use.

This seems a little backwards that heavy smokers don't have to clean after every use but for the casual smoker, taking a rip and letting it sit for days before you light up again is fuel for fungi growth! This is because when you don’t subject the bacteria to smoke and heat every few hours, it has lots of time to grow and get stronger.


Signs It's Time to Clean your Bong


If you see one or more of the following giveaways, it's time for a bong cleaning:

  • Dark Mucky Water- if you can visually see the water is dark and there's specs floating- it's time to clean your bong!
  • Smelly Water- furthermore, if you can smell the stench coming from the bong- you will know it's time.
  • Restricted Airflow when you pull a rip- difficulty pulling weed smoke through on the inhale is a sure sign that it is time to get that baby clean.
  • Awful Tasting Rip-when you no longer notice those flavorful terpenes, instead it tastes like garbage- it's time to clean that bong!

Daily Maintenance Never Killed Anyone


Cleaning your bong can be very time consuming if the bong has been neglected for too long. And for those smokers that choose to use salt and alcohol to clean a bong, the job could take up to 3 hours. So this tip is for you!

You can easily avoid the long, drawn out process of cleaning your bong by simply rinsing your bong with hot water after each use. This is what is referred to as daily maintenance.

Daily maintenance of your favorite piece is going to make all the difference when it does come time to deep clean with Resolution Gel. The resin has not had any time to harden and build up this way.




With coronavirus wreaking havoc this year, proper precautions must be taken seriously. Cleaning your bong should be on that list of precautions.

Using alcohol to clean your bong is entirely counterproductive.

Resolution Gel is the best solution for a clean bong and a healthy environment!