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Daily Habits to Keep Your Glass Clean

resolution gel cleaning bong before after

A few minutes of better bong habits can keep your glass clean for a smoother inhale on your next rip. I can’t harp on this enough - you have to keep your glass clean daily.

I know it’s tempting to smoke and leave your bong there for next time, but your glass can get nasty with all the buildup over prolonged use.

And you know it tastes horrible.

Cleaning your bong doesn’t have to be a long or tedious process, either.

Today, we’ll check out a 5-minute way you can keep your glass clean every day so you don’t have to scrape gunk out every time you want to smoke.

Plus, keeping your glass clean means better smoke quality and a much better inhale with every rip.

resolution gel caps dab rig cleaning before after 3

Quick Way to Clean your Glass

There are specialized cleaning solutions that you can use for your bong or pipe.

But you want to be careful with the types of over the counter cleaners that you’re putting into your glass.

You’re going to be inhaling from your bong or pipe so you want to make sure there’s no toxic residue left behind.

Resolution gel is environmentally safe and completely non-toxic. You don’t have to worry about anything funky getting left behind in your glass.

Using Resolution gel is also ridiculously easy.

The gel packs come with easy to use spouts that you can pour straight into your bong’s downstem.

Get a bit of gel inside and let it soak.

For daily maintenance, you can let it soak for a good 5 minutes and it’ll melt any buildup away like butter.

Then rise it out and give it a quick scrub witha cleaning brush.

Not too complicated, right?

resolution gel cleaning rinsing glass ash catcher

In a Rush? Empty and Rinse

For days where you can’t spare a few minutes to go through the cleaning process, you can do the “empty and rinse.”

Grab your bong and empty it out. Then give it a quick rinse with hot water.

With your pipe, you can scrape the resin out and also give it a quick hot water rinse.

While empty and rinse is quick and easy, I wouldn’t recommend solely sticking to this method because eventually, you’ll get a nasty buildup of resin that isn’t going to go away with hot water alone.

resolution gel cleaning a really dirty bong

If your Resin is Really Caked on

If you haven’t gotten into the habit of taking care of your glass already, you might be dealing with a lot of build up.

The process for giving your glass a thorough cleaning is simple.

Grab someGel and let your glass soak for roughly 30 minutes this time.

You want to give the cleaner time to really remove everything that’s been caked on from not being cleaned daily.

Give it a shake, wash it out, and scrub the rest with a bong brush.

The Resolution gel soak also works if you have clogs that you need to break through. A paperclip or scraper won’t geteverything out so if you want a thorough cleaning, give your glass a gel soak.

That’s all you have to do to keep your glass clean and ready for the next use. Click here to grab yourResolution cleaning kit.