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How to Clean a Grinder Screen

Knowing how to clean a grinder screen can make all the difference in your smoking experience.

Cleaning a grinder is simple and doesn't take much time or effort.

If you love kief as much as we do and you want to be able to clean your smoking tool while saving as many crystals as possible, continue reading this article! We will teach you hacks for getting your grinder shiny and new in the most efficient way that is safe for you, your grinder, and the environment.


Best Way to Clean a Grinder Screen


If you're familiar with the various methods to cleaning a grinder, or pollen screen, then it's safe to say that you've heard that the main ingredient used to clean is Isopropyl Alcohol.

Isopropyl Alcohol seems effective to deep clean water pipes, grinders, and other metal or glass smoking accessories but in actuality, alcohol hardens the resin and knocks it off, abrasively. This damages your grinder and leaves you with hardened resin in your sink.

Additionally, alcohol contains 100% Volatile Organic Compounds which are pollutants to our environment and us. In some states such as, California, it is illegal to dispose of Isopropyl Alcohol down your drain. That is how harmful alcohol is.

The best way to clean a grinder screen is Resolution Gel. Resolution Gel contains less than 3% VOCs and it thoroughly cleans a kief screen without damaging it. Safe, gentle, and powerful, Resolution Gel cleans and disinfects your grinder screen, making it as new as the day you got it! Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!


Tools for Cleaning Grinder Screen


In order to clean your kief catcher screen with Resolution Gel, here are the things you will need to get the job done:

  • Dirty Grinder
  • Resolution Gel
  • Guitar Pick
  • Needle or Safety Pin


Resolution Colo simplified things and included everything you will need to make a grinder good as new but if by chance you don't have a kief key to scrape the pollen chamber, you can grab a guitar pick which is very efficient in saving plant matter.

A needle or safety pin can also be used to poke through the crystals through the grinder screen.


How to Clean Metal Grinder Screen


Once you've gotten all your tools and essentials laid out, it is time to follow these steps to clean a metal grinder screen:

Step 1. The most common grinders consist of multiple chambers and are known as multi-piece grinders. Whether you use a single chamber grinder or multi-piece, twist each chamber off and set out separately.

Step 2. The kief collector, the bottom chamber, is the part we want to be very diligent with. The metal net or screen will be at the top of this chamber. Set this chamber aside.

Step 3. Grab your nylon tube brush that came with your Resolution Gel. Start brushing each chamber of your grinder over your rolling tray. Any plant matter that falls onto the tray can be saved and enjoyed!

Step 4. Now that you have gotten as much pollen as you can out of each chamber, it's time to grab the kief chamber.

Step 5. The guitar pick will be helpful to scrape as much kief as possible. Scrape the entire chamber.

Step 6. Use needle or safety pin to poke through the holes of the grinder screen. Then, scrape the screen. Be careful not to warp it.

This chamber is now ready to follow the steps to How to Clean a Grinder with Resolution Gel.

how to clean a metal grinder screen

  • Disassemble dirty grinder.
  • Shake your Resolution Gel bad to activate.
  • Place all grinder pieces together in bag and let it sit for 30 seconds.
  • Rinse all grinder pieces in warm water and voila! You’ve got a grinder that is good as new!


Benefits of a Clean Grinder


There is nothing like having a functioning grinder that works with ease. When you've cleaned your sticky grinder that you're used to having issues with, you'll notice the difference. It's almost like we forget how a grinder works, we're so used to the struggle of twisting with force. You will know when it's time to clean your grinder!

The consistency of the ground marijuana depends on it. You'll notice your herb starts to look really chewed up when you've gone too long without cleaning it. Dealing with a clean grinder is beautiful, the product is a perfect and consistent slice into a fine grind of dry herbs.

More beloved kief to enjoy is left at the bottom when you clean your grinder. And cleaning the screen will be much easier, if you make cleaning your grinder a routine habit. A clean grinder screen plays a huge role in determining how much kief you are able to save with your grinder.

  • Fully functioning smoking tool
  • Produces the perfect consistency of finely grinded dry herbs
  • Efficient in collecting kief and plant matter that you can smoke


How to Get Kief Out of Grinder


how to get kief out of a grinder

To save the kief from the pollen collector chamber, have your guitar pick or grinder key handy, you will use this little tool to scrape the kief into a smaller container.

Step 1: Using your guitar pick, carefully run around the sides and get all the plant matter into a pile.

Step 2: Once you have a nice pile, grab your smaller container and dump your greenery inside.

Step 3: You can scrape the entire grinder to get any plant matter out. All plant matter left behind in the grinder is smokeable!

Step 4: A needle can help you with the screen. Simply, but carefully, poke through the holes with a small needle or safety pin. You will be able to save even more pollen this way.

Step 5: Storing all plant matter in a small container will allow you to get the grinder clean.




Now that you know the benefits of a clean grinder screen and the harms of Isopropyl Alcohol, the decision should be simple, Resolution Gel is the best way to clean all your smoking utensils. Resolution Gel will clean your grinder screen, your grinder, your water pipe, etc. etc. like you've never seen before! All while, not harming the environment or damaging your health.


Trust Resolution Colo. Stay safe, stay elevated!