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What's The Easiest Way to Clean a Bong?

One of the main tenets of “weediquette” is that you must maintain a clean bong. Good friends don’t share dirty bongs, so it’s important that you consistently clean and care for your glass pipes and bongs.

Here’s the problem with traditional bong cleaning: it’s time consuming. Because it’s inefficient, it can be difficult to get you on a consistent cleaning schedule. The easier it is to clean herb

your bong, the more you’ll be able to clean it.

The products at Resolution have been developed to make the bong cleaning process extremely easy. Rather than soaking your glass for hours with dangerous chemicals and abrasive salts, you can use our natural products that give a quick and easy clean.



Traditionally, here’s how you would clean a bong: Empty the bong, disassemble it, soak the small parts (for hours), pour salt and isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) inside the pipes, scrub the bong, and let the solution soak until the bong is clean.

Here’s how you clean a bong using the products from Resolution: empty the bong, disassemble it, pour the Resolution Gel, place Resolution Caps over the bong, shake and rinse. It’s done.

Not only is this process much easier, it’s much safer and more cost effective.

The Easiest way to clean a Bong

Alcohol is no longer the best way to clean your bong

A glass bong is known to provide a better smoke, but the quality of a rip can be ruined when the bong is poorly cleaned.

The stench of old bong water and resin can be repulsive. Some pieces of the bong (like bowls and slides) can be hard to clean. Our products quickly and reliably clean every piece of your bong without the need to soak your equipment in harsh chemicals and abrasive salts.

Rubbing alcohol is cheap, but it’s dangerous when used in excess. Inhalation of isopropyl has been known to aggravate longstanding respiratory concerns like asthma.

Rubbing alcohol is also highly flammable. If you elect to use alcohol to clean your bong, ensure that you thoroughly rinse after your done, or else you may have a dangerous, fiery surprise the next time you use your bong.

Salt is abrasive like sandpaper. Because of its abrasiveness, it can damage and scratch your glass bong. This can cause an unintentional buildup of resin and tar in the grooves of the scratches—making it much harder to clean and use your bong.

Resolution products are effective and safe for bong cleaning

Salt and alcohol, though cheap, are far from the best options to clean your bong in 2019 and beyond.

Res Gel is a natural clay-based solutions that is safe and easy to use. You don’t need to worry about environmental hazards, flammability, damage to your glass bong. All you’ll need to do is pour, shake and rinse for a thorough clean.

When maintaining your bong is this easy, you’ll never dread the cleaning process ever again.

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