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Easiest Way to Clean a Bong in Just 60 Seconds

It seems there is information overload when it comes to cleaning your bong, so it doesn't come as a surprise you just want to know what is the easiest way to clean a bong?

I'm sure you have seen hundreds of articles by now about cleaning your bong with various house hold items with very intricate steps and over night soaking.

Come on guys, we are better than this. We are going to show you how to clean a bong in 60 seconds for the fastest and easiest way to clean a bong.

It's 2021 and it's about saving money, time, and protecting your health - more importantly your lung health.

easiest way to clean a bong

Well there is a much better way and in fact we guarantee we have the easiest way to clean a bong because you only need three items and 60 seconds of your time!

Resolution Gel bong cleaner can clean your dirty glass not only in a minute, but it uses no harmful toxins for your lungs, and does not damage your bong like these other DYI methods.

2 Things to Do For an Easy Clean Bong Experience

Good friends don’t share dirty bongs, so it’s important that you consistently clean and care for your glass pipes and bongs.

Here’s the problem with traditional bong cleaning: it’s time consuming.

Because it’s inefficient, it makes most people put it off. This allows for harmful bacteria growth inside of your bongs and you don't want to inhale all of that plus the resin and tar buildup.

1.Do Not Use Alcohol to Clean your Bong

Isopropyl alcohol is high in VOC (volatile organic compounds). So high in fact that it's 100% VOC. In states like Colorado and California it's illegal to pour isopropyl alcohol down the drain because it is hazardous to the environment.

Inhalation of isopropyl has been known to aggravate longstanding respiratory concerns like asthma. Go easy on your lungs and alcohol by avoiding this inefficient bong cleaning ingredient.

Resolution Gel Bong Cleaning Kit is only 3% VOC so it's perfectly safe for you and the environment. Learn how to clean a bong without alcohol full steps.

2.Do Not Use any Salt or Coarse Salt To Clean Your Bong

We see a plethora of recommendations on the internet. We see not so wise advice to use baking soda, table salt, dish soap, cotton swabs, tablespoons of salt, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, vinegar, and the list goes on and on.

DYI is cool and all but when it becomes very inefficient it's time to move on guys! While isopropyl alcohol and vinegar can help break down resin and oils to a degree, it's actually the coarse salt that does the cleaning. Not to mention the intense and vigorous shaking that must be done for minutes and minutes. #shakeweight

The problem is the salt scratches your bong and slowly begins to cut grooves on the inside of your bong. The next time you smoke, resin and tar begins to build up and is near impossible to get out again. Bacteria growth will begin to build in these grooves as well, and that is something you definitely want to avoid.

The Easiest and Fastest Way to Clean Your Bong

Traditionally, here’s how you would clean a bong: Empty the bong, disassemble it, soak the small parts (for hours), pour salt and isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) inside the pipes, scrub the bong, and let the solution soak until the bong is clean.

And I have no idea where you put that damn lemon.

Cleaning a bong with Resolution is easier and much faster. Like 60 seconds fast.

Before cleaning your bong begin preparations by preparing the following steps:

  1. Pouring your bong water out
  2. Taking out the downstem and bowl piece


You will only Need three items to clean your dirty bong: Your dirty bong, Resolution Gel, and paper towels.

easy clean bong

Follow these simple steps for cleaning your bong the easiest and fastest way possible:

Step 1. Shake Resolution Gel Bag

fastest way to clean a bong

Approximate time: 5 seconds

Shake the Resolution gel pipe cleaner to activate all the low VOC cleaning ingredients. Don't stress it too much, a good 5 second shake is all you need. Tear open the top of bag if you are using a new Resolution bong cleaner pouch.

Step 2. Pour Bong Cleaner into Bong/Smaller Pieces into Pouch

easy way to clean a bong

Approximate time: 35 seconds

Place the downstem and bowl piece into the pouch directly and let sit for 30 seconds.

Pour the bong cleaning solution into the dirty glass bong and try to hit any resin buildup and all that nasty stuff. Get a good coat on their! Swirl the gel around and shake if you are using Res Caps to block the entry points of the bongs. Not much shaking is needed but let the gel stay in for a good 20-30 seconds in the bong.

Step 3. Rinse Off Bong and Smaller Pieces

fast easy way to clean a bong

Approximate time: 20 seconds

Pour the gel back into the pipe cleaner Resolution gel pouch and rinse the bong, downstem, and bowl pieces off with warm water. Dry off with paper towel and that's an easy bong clean for you right there all done in 60 seconds!



Salt and alcohol, though cheap, are far from the best options to clean your bong in 2021 and beyond.

Res Gel is a natural clay-based solutions that is safe and easy to use. You don’t need to worry about environmental hazards, flammability, damage to your glass bong. All you’ll need to do is pour, shake and rinse for a thorough clean.

When maintaining your bong is this easy, you’ll never dread the cleaning process ever again.