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Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaning Res Wipes - 100ct

The mission of Ooze Resolution is to promote healthier habits by providing the tools that simplify and ritualize the product care process. Res Wipes make it easier than ever to maintain a fresh, clean piece sesh after sesh. Damp but not soaking wet, the wipes have scrubber dots on one side to work away at stubborn, stuck-on resin. The wipes are intended to clean up every inch of the smoking station: wipe down the table, rolling tray, grinder, ashtray, and other tools once the sesh wraps up.

Cleaning your supplies shouldn’t be a once-in-a-while task! Regular cleaning prevents all that nasty buildup, so it only requires a quick wipe down each time. Treat your pieces like your favorite sneakers or piece of jewelry; don’t wait for them to get gross before you take the time to clean them. Products need care to function properly! Regular maintenance is so much better for your lungs, and will help your pieces work exactly as they’re supposed to for years to come.

Stash a 100-pack of wipes right by your smoking supplies, and keep in the car for on-the-go uses. The fresh, citrusy lemon scent makes these wipes great for getting that stubborn resin off your hands after cleaning your pipe or bong. The wipes are gentle enough to wipe down skin while easily cutting through the gunk. Keep a pack of wipes on hand for music festivals or camping trips. You never know when you might drop your piece in some mud or let a few other people get their germs on the mouthpiece.


  • RES WIPES | Ooze Resolution Res Wipes are cleaning wipes intended to quickly wipe down a hand pipe, bubbler, bong, or rig to remove excess resin buildup between smoke sessions. Use them to clean every inch of your smoking station.
  • CITRUS SCENT | Res Wipes have a light, fresh citrusy scent. Using a Res Wipe will leave whatever was cleaned with a delightful, lemony aroma that doesn’t smell like harsh cleaning chemicals.
  • SCRUBBER | Each Res Wipe has a side that is covered with tiny scrubber dots. These provide grip to catch and remove resin and other dirt and grime from the surface. The opposite side is smooth for a more delicate touch.
  • NON-FLUSHABLE | Res Wipes are NOT flushable wipes. Flushing these wipes will cause damage to sewage systems. Toss used wipes directly in the trash.
  • 100CT DISPENSER | Res Wipes are available in a 100-count dispensing package. Easily grab one wipe at a time and the next wipe will pop up out of the dispenser, ready to be used. Make sure the lid clicks shut to prevent the wipes from drying out.