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420 is a Special Occasion - Clean Your Bong!

If you don’t always light up with your friends, you probably will on our favorite stoner holiday, 420! Before everyone heads over to your house for 420 libations, make sure you’re set up for the best smoke session possible, and this requires cleaning your pieces! You don’t want to be that guy that offers up a dirty bong and expects everyone to take a hit. Think back for a moment—have you ever noticed your friends bringing their own pieces over or offering to roll up a joint instead? If so, your bong is probably disgusting and needs a deep clean.


Why does my bong need to be cleaned?


Any time water is involved, bacteria grows much faster. You should always be dumping your bong water after each smoke session, but even moisture leftover will speed up the process of bacteria growth. If your bong is left un-cleaned for long enough, even fungus, mold and biofilm will start to take over the inside of your piece. Trust us, you don’t even want to touch your bong when it’s gotten to that point, let alone smoke out of it. It’s damaging to your lungs, your hit will taste gross, and your bong won’t be functioning at it’s best.


How to clean your bong for 420 festivities

The best 420 party prep you can do is to give your pieces a nice soak with Res Gel and give them a deep clean. If your bong is super dirty, soak it overnight beforehand so you can give it a second cleanse in the morning before the festivities. Even if your pieces don't look too grungy, you can give all the mouthpieces, bowls, bangers, and dab tools a quick wipe down with a Res Wipe just to be safe!

3 simple steps to clean a dirty bong using Ooze Resolution Res Gel glass cleaner.

Res Gel is the safest way to quickly clean your bong because it’s a clay-based formula, free of alcohol and other harmful chemicals. It’s gentle enough to use on all materials, but it’s strong enough to eliminate all stages of mold. Using Res Gel is simple, just:

  1. Shake the gel for 3-5 seconds before pouring it into your bong. This activates the natural clay-based materials that will eliminate mold and resin.
  1. Pour enough Res Gel into your bong so that you can swirl it around and coat all the buildup.
  1. After letting the solution sit for a few seconds, pour the gel back into the Res Gel pouch. It’s reusable!
  1. Rinse your smoking glass in warm water, never hot! Any remaining resin build-up will be washed away by warm water, but if you use hot water, you will melt resin back down and it will stick back onto the glass.


Now you have a clean, sparkling piece to offer your friends.  You should be practicing good smoking hygiene anyways, but especially when you’re sharing your pieces! Plus, if there’s ever a time to deep clean your piece to make it like new, it’s 420.

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