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Mold in Bong - Importance of a Clean Bong

You're probably here right now because you found some mold in your bong. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone.

Ever notice mold in a dirty motel shower? Did you know that breathing in mold can make you sick? If the build up of mold in a bathroom isn't safe, what do you think taking a huge inhalation from your bong to the dome does?

And yes, your dirty bong was just compared to a dirty motel shower.

mold in bong

For mold to form in your bong, you need 3 components: a surface, moisture, and nutrients (plant matter). As you take a rip, it's inevitable that plant matter will fall through the bowl into your bong water.

So it's not uncommon to have the moldy bong experience but the real question is just how dangerous is it to your health?

If you want to learn about the dangers of mold inside your glass bong, how to eliminate mold in just 60 seconds with safe cleaning solutions such as Resolution Gel, and keep your immune system in tip top shape this is the article for you. Keep reading!

The 3 Toxic Stages of Mold in Your Bong

Just like any damp place, like a bathroom, for instance, bongs are breeding grounds for numerous harmful kinds of fusarium, yeast, bacteria and other kinds of microbes. Fusarium is fungi that can cause you to feel ill if inhaled. Don't blow your high with fusarium, guys!

If you don't clean your bong daily, mold can begin to appear within 24-48 hours. The mold in your glass bong will then progress into these 3 stages:

Stage 1. Moldy Bong

moldy bong

This is how it all begins. Keeping a moldy bong is a health risk that will inevitably effect your immune system, so listen close!

Moldy bongs have a pink film which is essentially fungus. This is what you see when you look at the build up inside your bong when it's been left for too long without a good cleaning. Fungus and bacteria are produced from live plant matter such as, cannabis residue. If you keep your bong clean, you will stop this growth in its tracks!

And if you don't it will progress...

What begins as a moldy bong, soon turns into mold that is nearly impossible to kill, which can be identified as white mold.

Stage 2. White Mold in Bong

white mold in bong

White mold is what comes as a result of keeping a moldy bong sitting for too long. White mold is extremely hard to kill with bleach, the toughest (most toxic) cleaner! This is why it's so important to keep a clean bong. White mold in bong is a problem you need to be proactive about. If you notice mold in your grinder not to worry as the fix is just as easy as a bong when cleaning your grinder.

White mold will form in the most difficult places to reach and it grows back. Spooky!

Speaking of spooky, if you've never heard of biofilm, you'll want to read this next section.

Stage 3. Biofilm in a Bong

Biofilm can grow anywhere there is a combination of a surface, moisture, and nutrients. Hmm, like a bong?

Microbes begin to release these tiny, little molecules that enable them to latch onto surfaces, like the walls of your bong and cannabis plant residue that lingers in bong water. Biofilm is what protects these substances released by microbes. When infections and illnesses come about from this biofilm, it's all the more dangerous and difficult to treat.

Biofilm is the great protector of mold in bongs and if you let it go long enough it causes serious health risks.

So, what can you do to dominate mold before it dominates your bong? Don't worry, we'll show you!

How to Clean Your Glass in 60 Seconds Even with Mold

Resolution Gel is the quickest and safest way to clean a bong even with all 3 toxic stages of mold.

By using a natural, clay based solution, you no longer need to worry about the harmful effects of alcohol or the damage done to your favorite glass piece with coarse salt. Learn more on the dangers of isopropyl alcohol and salt and how to clean a bong without alcohol.

Additionally, Resolution realizes in order to make cleaning moldy bongs seem enticing, it should be super easy and done quickly. Res Gel Kit comes with everything you'll need to clean your bong fast!

bong mold

Follow this method to clean a moldy bong in 60 seconds:

Step 1 : Shake to Activate Res Gel

cleaning moldy bong

Approximate Time: 5 Seconds

Shake it like a shake weight. By shaking your Resolution Gel bong cleaning pouch, you are activating all of the natural clay based ingredients that can eliminate all mold inside of your glass bong. Don't sweat this part too much, a good 3-5 second shake is enough. That's it, we're getting close!

Step 2 : Pour Res Gel in Dirty Bong

cleaning white mold in bong

Approximate Time: 35 Seconds

Pour Res Gel solution into your bong and apply your res caps to mouth hole and down stem opening. Gently swish the liquid around and around for about 20-30 seconds. Use a pipe cleaner to get those tough to reach spots, if needed. This method will kill any harmful bacteria and molds without the need of rubbing alcohol!

Step 3 : Rinse with Warm Water

cleaning white mold in bong

Approximate Time: 20 Seconds

Since Res Gel is reusable, you will want to pour the used solution back into resealable Res bag. You can use it numerous times.

Always rinse your smoking glass in warm water, never hot! Any remaining resin build up will be washed away by warm water, but if you use hot water, you will melt resin back down and it will stick onto glass. In 60 seconds, you've got a clean, sparkling bong!

Pro Tip:After smoking weed from a bong, pour out the dirty bong water, leave to dry, and refill with fresh water at the beginning of your next sesh! This gives bacteria, molds, and biofilm less of a chance of growing.


Now that you're completely turned off from all the moldy bong talk, it's time to get your hands on Resolution Gel. You don't have to use isopropyl alcohol or lemon juice to clean resin and molds from bongs and pipes. You can improve your cannabis experience in a much simpler way! Don't allow your health to be jeopardized by mold. Always keep a clean bong with Res gel subscription.