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Scary Smoker Stories

Smoking shouldn’t be scary. However, things can start to get spooky if you don’t clean your bong regularly. From clogged bowls to bongs filled with mold, we’ve truly seen it all. Below, we have compiled some of our scariest smoker stories from the Ooze Resolution community. Be prepared to be scared!  

Clog Nightmares

Picture this: It's been a long day at work and all you want to do is rip a fat one. You've been daydreaming about the wonderful moment when you get to smoke, relax, and vibe out on the couch all day. Finally, it's time to light up and your bong won’t hit. The bowl is so clogged and it's impossible to clear. The horror!!!!

Scary Smoker Stories - Your Bong is so Clogged

Party Foul

You’ve invited your friend over to the crib for a smoke sesh and you can't wait to pack up some premium flower so you guys can giggle for hours. As you go to pull out your favorite bong, your friend screams in utter shock. Something is GROWING in your bong water. Your friend suddenly has other "plans" they forgot about and leaves you alone with the growth. Talk about a party foul.  

Scary Smoker Stories - Something is growing in your bong

Broken Bongs & Hearts

Your bong is hitting just right but, suddenly you notice a fright. Residue has taken control of your bowl and now it's stuck in your downstem. You try with all your might to get it out but, it's simply not working. Finally, you pull it out and the force of the glass breaks the whole thing. You can’t tell which is more shattered, your bong or your heart.  

Scary Smoker Stories - Broken Bongs

Fly on the Wall   

The sesh is in full swing. You’ve been packing your bong religiously and have made it to outer space level cloud 9. It's time to pack another bong and you notice something horrific. A DEAD FLY is floating in your bong water and it's definitely been in there the whole session. The sesh just went from lit to ick real quick... 

Scary Smoker Stories - Bong Water Fly Soup

Heard enough horror for one day? All these disgusting nightmares could be avoided if they properly clean your glass with Ooze Resolution. Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!


Scary Smoker Stories - Ooze Resolution

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