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Are There Different Types of Glass?

Have you ever thought about how your glass piece was made? If not, you could be missing out on the smoking experience you’ve been looking for. Glass varies greatly depending on its intended function as well as where it was made. Knowing whether your prospective glass piece was made in the U.S. or China, and if it is scientific-grade or artisan glass, will help you determine which best fits your smoking needs.


Difference between U.S. and China glass

 Two bongs are shown to show a difference between American-made glass and China glass. On the left is a frosted glass Pure Glass beaker bong with a Made in USA icon, and on the right is a Pioneer Glass blue rake water pipe with a Made in China icon.

It’s an ongoing debate between smokers on whether it’s best to buy U.S. or China glass pieces. Many believe that glass made in the U.S. is higher quality and worth the extra cost. Most of this is due to quality assurance requirements in American manufacturers.


Glass from China is more affordable, so there also those who are satisfied with the quality of the mass-produced glass pieces—for the price, at least. But, common complaints relate to the way the product was made, including thin glass and glass that isn’t completely or correctly hardened, making it prone to breaking.


When it comes to U.S. versus China glass, it comes down to your budget and how important a super long-lasting, unique piece is to you. If you just need something to get the job done until it needs replacing, save your pennies and go with a China glass piece.


Difference between scientific glass and artisan glass

 A collage of a variety of different scientific glass shapes. There are test tubes, cylinders, beakers, and Erlenmeyer flasks.

Scientific glass is made with thick glass and a process that focuses on function rather than style. It’s the type of glass required by scientific labs, but has also been used to make smoking products. These glass pieces are more heat-resistant, making them great for dab rigs. They also tend to include higher performance percolators. With thicker glass, these pieces will also last longer and be more resistant to scratches and cracks.

 A glass artist is working on a blown glass vase water pipe piece. It is angled towards the table, and they are wrapping a bright orange hot, molten string of glass around the piece to stripe it.

Artisan glass, also called “heady glass” focuses more on style and design. But, in order to achieve beautiful shapes and textures on these one-of-a-kind works, the glass has to be a bit thinner. The uniqueness of artisan glass pieces also warrants a higher price tag. If you’re going to invest in artisan glass, make sure it’s a piece you plan to keep in the house away from any chaos that could cause it to shatter.


Can I use Ooze Resolution to clean any type of glass?


Ooze Resolution gel is a powerful and reusable cleaning agent designed to clean all types of glass smoking pieces, no matter the variety. It is much gentler than using alcohol or coarse salt, so especially with your artisan pieces, cleaning with OozeRes will extend the life of your glass.


To use OozeRes gel, simply pour the liquid directly into your bong or dab rig after plugging all the holes with ResCaps. Give it a shake and a swirl, making sure to coat all the grimy resin inside the glass. Keep swirling for 20-30 seconds. Then, rinse out with warm water, and your glass will look brand new! Don’t forget to empty the gel from your piece back into the bag so you can use it again next time.

A green infographic with three steps showing how to use Ooze Resolution cleaning gel for hand pipes. Step 1 is to place the pipe in the pouch. Step 2 is to seal the bag up. Step three is to shake the bag to clean the piece.

For smaller glass pieces, you can actually drop it right into the OozeRes bag. Close the bag up, shake it around a bit, and let it sit for 30 seconds.


No matter what type of glass is best for you, make it worth your investment by taking consistent care of it after each use. Maintaining a clean glass piece is easy with OozeRes and is ultimately much better for your health and the health of your piece. Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!