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Give the Gift of Ooze Resolution this Holiday!

Looking for the perfect present to gift your stoner friends this holiday season? Give them the gift that keeps on giving with a prepaid Ooze Resolution subscriptionThis is a great gift for that friend who's always getting their bong dirty af. Help them create healthier habits by getting Ooze Resolution delivered straight to their doorstep. Friends don’t let friends smoke fire bud out of grimy glass!

Ooze Res Gel® water pipe cleaner is engineered to give your dirty glass pipe or water pipe the best clean on the market. Our natural, clay-based water pipe cleaning solutions formula easily removes pipe resin and tar from your glass! Its just the thing every stoner needs to keep their favorite piece looking brand new.

Two side by side pouches of Ooze Resolution cleaning gel are shown, the left has a bubble with "x3" in white, and the right has a green bubble with "x6" in white to show the two prepaid subscription options.

Our prepaid subscription boxes are an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their glass smoking accessories fresh and clean. We offer both a 3-month subscription and 6-month subscription delivery plan depending on your preference. Plus, when you sign up for either subscription, you'll save 50% off each pouch, pay just $7 a pouch plus shipping! 

Gifting your bestie a prepaid subscription box is an amazing way to surprise them this holiday season. Just pay upfront and have it delivered straight to their house every month. They will be so excited to see their Ooze Resolution package on their doorstep. Since this is a one-time payment, it will not auto-renew so you don't have to worry about getting charged again after their subscription runs out.

Feeling extra giving this holiday? Grab your friend a prepaid Ooze Resolution subscription and some Ooze Resolution accessories to go with it! They will be so happy to have everything they need to keep their favorite piece squeaky clean! 

Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!