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Ooze Resolution Wipes for Daily Cleaning

Smoking out of a dirty piece is bad for your health, the longevity of your bong, and ends up ruining the flavor of your bud. Here at Ooze Resolution, we are on a mission to provide our customers with resin removing tools that simplify the cleaning process and make living a healthy stoner lifestyle easy.

We know that cleaning stubborn resin off your piece, hands, and surrounding surfaces is a buzz kill. With the brand-new Ooze Resolution Res Wipes, you can clean your hand pipe, dab tool, hands, and surfaces in record time. That sticky residue will instantly glide off glass, metal, and ceramic surfaces leaving it spotless! In this blog, we will discuss why and how to use Ooze Resolution Wipes.   

Why Should You Use Ooze Resolution Wipes?  

4 white product feature icons are in a row, describing Ooze Resolution Res Wipes. The icons are 100ct Pack, Scrubber Dots, Citrus Scent, and Cuts Through Resin. 

Ooze Resolution Wipes will transform your smoking ritual, preserve your favorite piece, and protect your lungs. They make washing in between deep cleaning sessions with Ooze Resolution Gel Cleaner super easy. Plus, they are equipped with a unique scrubber side and each pack comes with 100 wipes! Here are some other key benefits to cleaning your smoking utensils with Ooze Resolution Wipes before you take your next rip:  

1. Ritualize Your Sesh.

We believe a pre-smoking ritual is as important as a post-smoking ritual. You've already started your sesh routine if you have a snacks, a show, or even a puzzle you always like to do after you blaze. To create a healthy pre-smoking ritual, we suggest wiping down your piece with a Res Wipe before your sesh and soon enough it will be part of your routine!  

2. Preserve Your Piece.

Every stoner has a favorite piece that they hope will last forever. If that sounds like you, we highly suggest treating your price possession with TLC. Preserving your favorite piece is super simple with Ooze Resolution Wipes. They make it easy to keep your piece in tip-top condition as the resin instantly glides off.  

3. Protect Your Health.

Resin can wreak havoc on your lungs and can even make you sick. Plus, smoking out of a dirty piece diminishes the flavor of your bud. Here at Ooze Resolution, we are on a mission to make sure our customers live a healthy stoner lifestyle. Wiping your piece clean before or after each sesh is super important!  

      How To Use Ooze Resolution Wipes   

      Ooze Resolution Wipes can be used on glass, metal, and ceramic surfaces. This means they can be used to clean dirty bangers, bowls, dabbers, ashtrays, tables battery connection points, and even your hands!

      A white woman is cleaning a blue Ooze Glyco bowl with an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe.  

      Just grab a wipe, the dirty pipe you want to clean, and rub away. You will be amazed at how easily the residue will glide right off!  

      A white woman is cleaning two Ooze metal dab tools, gold and chrome, with an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe.

      Dab tools are bound to get covered in you guessed it...dabs! To clean your dabber off and get it ready the next sesh, just grab an Ooze Resolution Wipe and wash the old residue away.   

      A white woman with light pink nail polish uses an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe to wipe down the gray wood table with a pack of wipes next to her hand.   

      We all know the smoke session can get out of hand, and that is okay. If you end up getting resin or oil on a non-smoking surface, just grab one of these wipes and the gunk will come right up!   

      A white woman is cleaning resin off her palm with an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe.  

      If you have resin or oil stuck to your hands, you can easily use an Ooze Resolution Wipe to clean the resin off your hands instead of using something harsh like alcohol.

      The Complete Stoner Cleaning Kit