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Resolution Gel 12-Pack Glass Bong & Pipe Cleaning Kit

The 12-Pack Glass Bong and Pipe Cleaning Kit

All the power of the Original Res Kit times three! Kit includes 12 Res Gel® pouches and 1 Res Caps®  

Resolution’s bong cleaning kits combine innovative Res Caps® with our powerful Res Gel® giving you everything needed to keep your glass bongs, pipes and accessories as clean as the day you bought them.

With Resolution’s Shake-a-Bag resealable pouch, cleaning small pipes and accessories has never been easier. Or use the screw top spout to pour Res Gel® directly into your bongs and rigs.

All the power of the Original Res Kit times three! With Resolution's 3-Pack dirty pipes and bongs have met their match. Get 3X the cleaning power for the cleanest glass in town!