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How to Clean a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts have become super popular among stoners that want the social experience of passing a blunt without having to roll one up. Although tons of people are converting, most still don’t know the best way to clean a glass blunt. Just like with any glass piece, resin can build up fast and it's crucial for your safety to know the best way to remove it. Smoking resin can be detrimental to your health and harmful to your lungs. In this blog, we will teach you a quick, easy, and convenient way to clean your glass blunt using Ooze Resolution 

Why You Should Clean Your Glass Blunt With Ooze Resolution Instead of Isopropyl Alcohol and Salt  

Isopropyl alcohol is a 100% Volatile Organic Compound. VOC's are an extremely toxic pollutant and illegal to put down a drain in many states. With less than 3% VOCs, you can safely use Ooze Resolution without having to worry! In addition, using salt can damage your glass piece because it is such an abrasive product. With Ooze Resolution, there is no need for salt. Plus, isopropyl alcohol and salt are not as fast-acting as Ooze Resolution which cleans glass in 60 seconds!

How to Clean a Glass Blunt   

Glass blunts are simple weed smoking devices that enhance every smoking experience. Instead of rolling a blunt every time, just load up that glass blunt and get high! These are super easy to use and can be super easy to clean. If you don’t already own a glass blunt, we highly suggest grabbing the Ooze Resolution Bundle, which comes with the Ooze Glass Slider Blunt, Ooze Resolution Gel, Res Caps, and Stickers for only $30! If you already have a glass blunt that’s seen better days, just follow these 4 simple steps to get it back in tip-top shape! Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action or keep reading!

How To Clean A Glass Blunt Infographic | Ooze Resolution

  • Ooze Resolution Gel- Ooze Resolution is the primary cleaning solution to get your glass blunt back to brand new.  
  • Pipe Cleaner- If you don’t already own a pipe cleaner, our Ooze Resolution Gel Kit has this included!   
  • Paper Towel- Paper towels will be used to dry glass blunt when you are done.  


Step 1: Disassemble Glass Blunt  

If you are cleaning the Ooze Glass Slider Blunt, take the two parts of your glass blunt apart. If you have a twist glass blunt, you'll want to remove the auger and mouthpiece before cleaning.   

Step 2: Pour Gel into Glass Blunt  

Unscrew the cap on your Ooze Resolution and carefully pour gel inside your glass blunt. Make sure you have enough gel to coat the inside of both pieces.  

Step 3: Use a Pipe Cleaner to Scrub  

Take your pipe cleaner and scrub inside the glass to loosen the resin.   

Step 4: Rinse with Warm Water  

Now, just rinse your glass blunt under warm water and lay both pieces flat on a paper towel to dry.  

Now that you are a glass blunt cleaning expert, all you need to do now is maintain it. Repeat this process whenever resin starts to build up on any of your glass pieces. You can use Ooze Resolution to clean all your dab rigs, water pipes, grinders, hand pipes, one-hitters, and glass blunts!