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How to Clean a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts are the new an improved way for those who prefer long, slow, social smoking but knowing how to clean a glass blunt can be unclear. All the resin build up throughout the twisting auger can seem like a headache to clean.

It's understandable if you've never done a cleaning of a glass blunt before. Resin is sticky and forms on all parts that weed smoke touches and the buildup begins instantly! Not to mention, smoking resin can be detrimental to your health and harmful to your lungs. We've been there, done that.

Let's ease your frustration and fear of smoking toxins. In this article, you'll learn a quick, easy, efficient and effective way to get your glass weed blunt shiny as new so you can live to sesh another day!

Why You Shouldn't Clean Your Glass Blunt With Alcohol and Salt

clean glass blunt without alcohol

Unlike Isopropyl Alcohol that is 100% Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs), there are no toxic chemicals or pollutants in Res Gel. 100% VOCs is 100% a pollutant. Extremely toxic. So much so that it's illegal in some states to dispose of Isopropyl Alcohol down a drain. With less than 3% VOCs, you can safely dispose of Res Gel down your drain.

Using salt, especially coarse sea salt that most methods of cleaning twist glass blunts call for, damage your glass piece. Over time, tiny scrapes and scratches are produced from such an abrasive product. Imagine using tiny rocks to clean your glassblunt... coarse sea salt is no different, my friend.

Furthermore, Isopropyl Alcohol is only effective in removing resin when it sits in your glass blunt for hours, sometimes days. Really want to go days without your favorite smoking device? We know you don't!

We understand your concern for your glass piece. That's how Resolution Gel, a better alternative to the alcohol and salt method, came to be.

Res Gel is nontoxic, nonabrasive, and completely effective in cleaning that glass weed blunt in just seconds!

Things You'll Need to Clean Glass Blunt

things needed to clean glass blunt

Glass blunts are simple weed smoking devices that are made to better your smoking experience. Instead of rolling a blunt every time, just load up that glass blunt and get high! Since glassblunts are simple, what is required to clean them should be simple, as well.

What you need to clean your glass blunt:

1.Resolution Gel

Res Gel is the primary cleaning solution to get your glass blunt back to brand new.

2.Pipe Cleaner

Some glass blunts come with a little, tiny pipe cleaner. If your glassblunt didn't come with one, Resolution Gel Kit has this included! An alternative you can use is a sewing needle. Just be careful with the tip, not to scrape your glass.

3.Paper Towel

Paper towels will be used to dry your twist glassblunt when you're done with maintenance cleaning.

How to Clean a Twist Glass Blunt

how to clean glass blunt

Cleaning a twist glass blunt does not take much effort on your part. Leave all that elbow grease and scrubba dubbin' to Res Gel. Follow these 3 easy steps to get your twisty glass blunt in tip top shape!

Here's how to clean a glass blunt:


Step 1: Disassemble Glass Blunt

The twist part that you see in glass blunts is called an auger. The tip is called the mouthpiece. You'll want to remove auger and mouthpiece prior to cleaning. This will make room for Res Gel cleaning solution to come in and do it's hard work.

Step 2: Pour Resolution Gel Into Glass Blunt

Pour Res Gel into glass blunt with auger set to the side. Fill glass blunt about half way with Res Gel and then reassemble auger back into place. Cover the glass blunt with mouthpiece. This will allow the apertures of the mouthpiece to be cleaned as well. The bottom of your glass blunt should be covered with the original cap it came with.

Step 3: Clear Mouthpiece With Pipe Cleaner

Poke through the mouthpiece with original pipe cleaner your glass blunt came with. If it did not come with a pipe cleaner, use Res Gel's or an alternative is a sewing needle or safety. This will allow you to clear the mouthpiece. Be careful not to poke the glass tube as you do not want to scratch the glass.

You can turn the glass blunt upside down, and then upright again, multiple times to ensure Res Gel hits every part of the glass blunt. The process of the glass blunt to soak shouldn't take more than 30 seconds, that is as long as you've maintained a clean glass blunt.

Disassemble glass blunt, let rinse under warm water, and lay flat to dry.

Best Glass Blunt Cleaner

Resolution Gel is hands down the best water pipe cleaner used for hand pipes, glass blunts, water pipe, dab rigs, and grinders. It's benefits include cleaning glass blunts easily, quickly, safely, and efficiently.

You can reuse Res Gel up to 10-15 times, depending on how dirty your glass is. For glass blunts, since they are smaller, you can definitely get much more than 10-15 uses.

Res Gel is nontoxic and completely safe for you and the environment around you!


Now that you know which glass blunt cleaner is the best and you're an expert on cleaning, all you need to do now is maintain that clean glass. Resin buildup is toxic and you do not want to go long without a deep clean of your smoking devices. So, use Res Gel for all your dab rigs, water pipes, grinders, hand pipes, one hitters, and glass blunts!