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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Bring a Date Over with a Dirty Bong

Your date plans are set. You and your partner are going to blaze up, and it’s going to be glorious.

One problem: Your bong is as dirty as the bottom of your shoe. A trifecta of bacteria, fungus and mold are practically throwing a celebration inside. The brown, dingy pipes depressingly portray the sad state of your bong.

Unless you want your date to go up in flames (no pun intended), we recommend cleaning your bong. Let’s discuss why.

You leave a bad impression. Have you ever gone on a date, ended up at that date’s home, and were absolutely repulsed by the sight of the dirty dishes, un-mopped floors, and piles of nasty laundry? Well, bringing your date home to a nasty bong practically has the same effect. The moment your date sees the sad state of your bong, your romantic chances are in the dumps.

You risk the wellness of your date. Dirty bongs are teeming with bacteria. Take a hit of those pathogens, and your lungs are ripe for disease and inflammation. The shiny bio-film you see in your pipes is resistant to antibiotics, and you and your date can be potentially vulnerable to diseases like malaria, strep throat, bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and… should we continue? Would you appreciate it if you were given a germ-infested bong to hit— risking your wellness in the process?

The session won’t be enjoyable. You and your date want to enjoy what your bong has in store. The problem is that dirty bongs will ruin the session. You won’t be able to properly taste the flavor, and your smoke will be tainted with nasty bong resin. On the other hand, when you actually clean your bong, the smoke will flow smoothly from the bowl to your lungs. This means you and your date will enjoy a clean, clear session— without the disgusting taste of resin.

Do Your Date A Favor And Clean Your Bong

We all know the traditional methods of cleaning your bong can be a cumbersome chore. But with our bong cleaner and bong cleaning caps, the cleaning process is unbelievably easy. Simply pour the gel, cap the pipes, shake, rinse, and you’re done.

With our products, you have no reason to neglect your cleaning duties. Bringing your date home to a dirty bong is a big mistake. Having a fresh, clean bong is the smoothest move you can make.