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Res Gel vs. Your Typical Water Pipe Cleaner

Nearly every headshop or smoke shop these days carries a variety of water pipe cleaners and pipe cleaning tools.

We support this! Clean glass is a necessity. Unfortunately, it turns out that the majority of these are not safe to use.

Commercial water pipe cleaners typically contain additives such as acetone, alcohol, salt, or other harsh chemical compounds. Although many people are familiar with all of these ingredients, not many are familiar with the potential hazards.


What’s wrong with chemical cleaners?

Common ingredients in commercial water pipe cleaners include acetone, alcohol, ammonia, 2-butoxyethanol, and sodium hydroxide. These are hazardous materials that are known to cause organ damage and respiratory issues including asthma and bronchitis. 

Unlike those unreliable water pipe cleaners on the shelves at your local smoke shop, Res Gel contains none of these toxic chemicals. 

A substantial amount of studies have confirmed that VOC's emitted from cleaning products may have unwanted effects.

We’re proud to say that our products are quality controlled and are tested at less than 3% VOC compared to most cleaning products which are 100% VOC.

What makes Resolution Gel the best water pipe cleaning solution?

The entire line of Resolution cleaning products was developed to make your life easier. Built on the pillars of innovation and quality, our water pipe cleaning tools cannot be compared with any other.

Save Time

Compared to inefficient water pipe cleaning products that require you to soak your piece for up to 24 hours, Res Gel cleans your glass pipe on an average of 5 minutes. 


Save Money

Soaking a large piece requires a lot of cleaner to cover the surface area. With Res Gel, you only need to coat areas where resin is built up. Afterwards, our easy pouch allows you to recycle your water pipe cleaner and re-use it effectively up to 10 or 15 times.


Enhance your sesh

When it comes to your recreational or medicinal seshes, don’t sacrifice your top shelf flower, premium concentrates, or taste buds by using dirty glass coated with resin and bacteria. Stick with the most reliable and safest glass cleaner on the market.

Go ahead, taste those terpenes as they were intended to be.

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What makes Resolution Gel clean my glass so effortlessly? 

Our water pipe cleaning technology utilizes a clay-based formula which helps break up resin similar to rock salt but is much safer on your glass. Salt has a high chance of scratching your glass and while some people don't mind, true connoisseurs prefer to keep their heady glass scratch-free.

Our proprietary clay-based approach is important when it comes to cleaning water pipes or rigs that have many complex interior surfaces, diffusers, or percolators.

The clay coats those hard to reach surfaces and in combination with the rest of the Res Gel formula, it strips away all of that unwanted resin that’s been building up in your water pipe.


What makes Res Gel better than rubbing alcohol or any other water pipe cleaner?

Typical water pipe cleaners contain high levels of VOC's and their Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) clearly label them as containing hazardous material. To compare, Resolution Gel contains less than 3% VOC's and our MSDS confirms that it is a non-hazardous product.

Other water pipe cleaners usually require you to fully soak your water pipe which not only produces unnecessary waste and costs you more money, it also increases your exposure to those hazardous chemicals. 

To make things even worse, these other cleaners usually leave an odor behind after you’re done with cleaning. Some claim to enjoy the smell, but it’s important to be aware that this smell is usually the result of high levels of chemical fragrances.

Do I need to use Res Caps with Res Gel? 

Short answer: No.

Long answer: We highly recommend it.

We've all been there before. Before Resolution, we used our hands or rubber bands and saran wrap to seal our water pipes to avoid spilling cleaner everywhere. When we finally figured out how to seal everything up we realized that you can't possibly shake it enough to clean it effectively without it slipping and dropping or spilling cleaner.

It's likely happened to you or one of your friends before. Many stoners have accidentally shattered their beautiful glass pipes in pursuit of cleaning with these household products.

Gel combined with our Res Caps eliminates the need to get your hands dirty and the caps completely contain the gel inside your water pipe, leaving the outside of the glass with a non-slip surface that's safe for cleaning!

Never worry about dropping your water pipe during cleaning again.


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What should I do now?

Now that you’re aware of the risks and inconveniences associated with cleaning your water pipe with those unreliable chemical cleaners, ask yourself if you really want to continue cleaning your glass the inferior way.

You rely on your functional glass to consume safe and natural alternatives, don't counteract those benefits by introducing toxic chemicals into your routine.

For an easy water pipe cleaner check out our Resolution Gel, the perfect solution for the refined stoner who prefers to keep their lifestyle fresh. Watch this video to see the Resolutioncolo Bong & Pipe cleaner in action!