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What is a Reclaim Catcher and How Does It Work?


If you’re a dabbing connoisseur and you don’t know what a reclaim catcher is, you can probably guess what it’s sole purpose is. The saddest part (actually, the only part that’s remotely sad) about having a big ‘ole oil rig is seeing all the wasted wax drop through the piece, unable to be salvaged. Luckily, that little glob of oil that misses the dab can actually be used again and get you high with the help of a reclaim catcher.


What is a reclaim catcher?

 An infographic showing how a reclaim catcher fits into a dab rig with a banger. A blue and white silicone reclaimer is shown inserted into a clear dab rig with a blue rim.

Reclaim catchers collect usable product that slips through the banger into your rig. These typically are silicone attachments that connect to the bottom of the banger, or glass bangers designed with a built-in reclaim catcher. Instead of dropping into the neck of the banger to seep around the inside of your rig, it’s collected in a nice little dish that’s even super easy to dab directly out of.


How does a reclaim catcher work?

A close-up shot of a blue and white silicone reclaim catcher inserted into a clear and blue dab rig with a clear quartz 90 degree banger inserted in the top. 

When the concentrates begin to melt against the glass, it vaporizes most of it, but not all of it. Some of it condenses in the process, cooling down before it’s vaporized. This can quickly clog up your rig. But, your reclaim catcher will gather all of that unvaporized oil (untapped treasures) directly down the nail to the collector.


What are the different types of reclaim catchers?

Some bangers have a drop-down attachment that acts as a removable reclaim catcher. You can also purchase a reclaim catcher that’s separate from your piece altogether, similar to an ash catcher on a bong. Of course, there are a variety of sizes and lengths for reclaim catchers, but shorter ones will typically get you more reclaim, especially if you’re dabbing at lower temperatures. This is because with a longer way to travel to the reclaim catcher, the wax has more time to cool down and condensate, which could cause clogging before it even reaches the reclaim dish.


Why should I have a reclaim catcher?

There are tons of benefits to having an oil rig with a reclaim catcher. The obvious advantage is that you’ll save wasted wax so your investments go further! The more unlikely benefit is that it actually keeps your rig cleaner for much longer. Excess concentrates are collected in a neat little package, and those little drops of wax that don’t get dabbed won’t clog your piece. You’ll notice that you can go much longer without having to deep clean your piece than you did without one of these babies. A simple swap of the water should work for plenty of sessions! Ultimately, reclaim catchers improve the everyday functionality and increases the longevity of your dab rig.


We all want to get the most out of our investments, hence why the reclaim catcher is one of the most innovative dabbing accessories we’ve seen recently. Make your wax go further by reusing your reclaim and keep your rig nice and neat for much longer. And, when you decide it’s finally time for a cleanup, pour some Ooze Resolution cleaning gel into your rig to make it squeaky clean (and it’s reusable, too)!